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How To Farm Candles in Sky: Children of the Light

Candles are one of the most important resources in Sky, so here's how to get more as fast as possible.
How To Farm Candles in Sky: Children of the Light
(Picture: Thatgamecompany)

Candles are a key resource in Sky: Children of the Light, allowing you to level up friendships, buy items and upgrades, and advance on your journey. However, you'll have to earn your Candles through completing tasks and quests, as well as seeking out Light in the realms. To get more Candles as fast as possible, you'll want to approach your Candle Runs in the best way possible.

How to Get More Candles in Sky: Children of the Light

Candles in Sky can be used for many different purposes, from upgrading Expressions and Blessings, to getting special cosmetics and interacting with friends. Since they're so critical to gameplay, you'll want to save up as many Candles as you can and try to get new ones daily.

valley race sky
Valley Races are one way to earn Candles in Sky. (Picture: Thatgamecompany)

To get Candles, you need to collect Light around the realms. Once you get enough Light, you can forge a Candle. To find these sources of Light around the realms, you can look for Red Candles and dark plants. You can light the Red Candles to get more Light, or burn up the dark plants for the same effect.

You can generally get up to 25 Candles per day on a good Candle Run, and easily as many as 10-15. The more you play the game, the more you'll get a feel for where Light tends to spawn.

Outside of Candle Runs which just involve gathering Light around the realms, you'll also want to complete your Daily Quest and complete the Valley races each day. These are both guaranteed sources of Candles; while each one will only net you just a few, they'll easily add up over time.

You can also buy Candles with real-world money in the game's Shop, but because you can earn this currency by playing the game (unlike some of the game's other currencies and unlockable cosmetics), it might be better to wait it out and try to save up Candles for what you want.