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How To Get Cinnamoroll Tickets in Sky: Children of the Light

Here's how to get Cinnamoroll Tickets in Sky to get your own Cinnamoroll cosmetics.
How To Get Cinnamoroll Tickets in Sky: Children of the Light
(Picture: Thatgamecompany)

Sky x Children of the Light has collaborated with Sanrio for a Cinnamoroll Pop-up Cafe in-game, offering tons of adorable Cinnamoroll cosmetics for players to earn. To reap the rewards from the Cinnamoroll event, players will need to earn Cinnamoroll Tickets.

How To Get More Cinnamoroll Tickets

You can get 5 Cinnamoroll Tickets per day by completing quests and Cinnamoroll activities. To get your 5 Tickets each day, you can:

  • Complete the Daily Quest (1 Ticket). This changes each day, and is usually a quick and simple activity you'll complete with Cinnamoroll itself.
  • Put in an order at the Cinnamoroll Cafe (1 Ticket). To do this, just take a seat at the cafe and pick something!
  • Take pictures with Cinnamoroll (3 Tickets). To get your 3 Tickets, you'll need to take a series of 3 photos with Cinnamoroll in his cafe. You can take pictures by yourself or with friends, and they make an adorable little keepsake to commemorate the event.

You can also purchase more Tickets at the Aviary Village Cafe, in return for 2 Candles each.

Do note that to access the cafe, and the event in general, you'll need to have already accessed the Daylight Prairie area.
sky children of the light
Sky's collab with Cinnamoroll lets players collect adorable cosmetics. (Picture: Thatgamecompany)

Sky x Cinnamoroll Event Cosmetics

As you save up Cinnamoroll Tickets in Sky, you'll be able to spend them on numerous special event cosmetics. In return for Cinnamoroll Tickets, you can get:

  • Cozy Teacup Headband (Hair Accessory) - 22 Tickets
  • Cozy Cafe Table (Prop) - 52 Tickets

You'll also be able to purchase in-game Cinnamoroll cosmetics from the Premium Candle Shop for real-world money. The options for this event include the Pop-up Cafe Mini Companion, the Cafe Combo (which includes the Hair and a Hair Accessory), a Cinnamoroll Plushie, a Bowtie, and Cloud Cape.

Since this is a limited-time event, it's unlikely that any of the Cinnamoroll content will be coming back in the future, so be sure to grab what you want while you can!