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Sky: Children of the Light: How To Get Rainbow Tickets

Here's how to get Rainbow Tickets during Sky's Days of Color event.
Sky: Children of the Light: How To Get Rainbow Tickets
(Picture: Thatgamecompany)

Sky's Days of Color event is here with tons of new rainbow-themed content this June, but it'll only be available throughout the duration of the event. Rainbow Tickets are the event's limited-time currency, allowing players to trade them in for cosmetic rewards. Here's how to get Rainbow Tickets in Sky during the Days of Color 2024 event.

How To Get Rainbow Tickets In Sky

rainbow tickets
Rainbow Tickets can be found in various spots around the event area.

To get Rainbow Tickets, you'll need to head from the Aviary Village to the Sky event area. The event area not only holds all of the Days of Color festivities, but it also where you can get Rainbow Tickets to get the event rewards. First, head through the little rainbow gift shop in Aviary Village, and then step on the little portal inside. You'll end up in the event area.

You can get a total of about 10 Rainbow Tickets every day, and they move throughout the event area each day. (On some days of the event, as few as 5-8 Rainbow Tickets have been available.) While the Rainbow Tickets do move spots each day, they are usually pretty easy to find if you know where to look. Once you find one Rainbow Ticket, you'll often quickly spot another.

You can find Rainbow Tickets near the Rainbow Geyser, near the 8-player puzzle in the middle of the event area, and near some of the Spirits hanging out around the edges. They sometimes sit on the pillars of the various rainbow colours of the puzzle. You'll know you've spotted a Rainbow ticket if you see a floating rainbow.

You'll be able to collect Rainbow Tickets until the end of Sky's Days of Color 2024 event, so be sure to save them up while you can! Once you have enough, you can buy limited event items like the Days of Color Cape.