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Sky: Children of the Light Nesting Challenges, Explained

Here's everything you need to understand for the new Nesting Challenges in Sky, including how to complete them.
Sky: Children of the Light Nesting Challenges, Explained
(Picture: Thatgamecompany)

The new Season of Nesting has introduced Homes for characters in Sky, and the update also includes a new type of quest called Nesting Challenges. Completing these challenges can net you some pretty great rewards, and they can be finished at any time. Here's everything you need to know about Sky: Children of the Light's Nesting Challenges, including how to unlock them and what they are.

What Are Nesting Challenges?

Nesting Challenges are a permanent in-game feature in Sky introduced in the Season of Nesting. They serve as a type of challenge that lets players unlock various rewards in-game, including items for the player's House or Nest. After completing different quest lines, you'll unlock various cosmetic items and Props that you can purchase with in-game currency.

You can find a board showing the current Nesting Challenges in the Nesting Workshop and can complete them at your own pace. Finishing one quest in each line will unlock the next quest, and so on.

nesting challenges
There are three types of Nesting Challenges in Sky. (Picture: Thatgamecompany)

Types of Nesting Challenges

There are three different types of Nesting Challenges: Workshop, Friends, and Nest.

As their names imply, the Workshop quests involve the Nesting Workshop, Nest quests involve the Nest itself, and Friends challenges involve interacting with other players. To complete Friends quests, you can either meet up with in-game friends or grab some Steam friends. Most of the quests are not too difficult, and can be as simple as high-fiving another character in your Nest.

Finishing up each type of quest line will let you unlock a different item to purchase with in-game currency, so it's a good idea to do all three types of Nesting Challenges.

How To Unlock Nesting Challenges

While these challenges are now a permanent fixture in the world of Sky: Children of Light, you aren't able to unlock them right off the bat. Instead, you'll need to complete a few other quests first. The Nesting Challenges can be unlocked after finishing the third Seasonal Season of Nesting quest.