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Banjo Kazooie's Smash Ultimate release has been leaked

The release date of the Banjo Kazooie Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC may have been leaked following a new Nintendo Switch display at a 7/11 in Japan.
Banjo Kazooie's Smash Ultimate release has been leaked

According to Twitter user @PushDustIn, the POP display is supposed to be up until September 15.


PushDustIn goes on to explain that the last time 7/11 showcased a character on its display, it was Dragon Quest's Hero – who dropped shortly after the display appeared.

This means that we could expect to see the Banjo Kazooie duo in-game within the next couple of weeks.

Since the title's release in December 2018, there has been a number of DLC characters added to keep the game fresh.


On February 1, 2019, Piranha Plant was added in, a funny sight to behold as this big potted plant bounces about the stage. The longterm character in the Super Mario franchise isn't most people's favourite, but is a good bit of fun if you're looking for a change.

Persona 5's Joker was then released in mid-April, a much more popular pick that has been utilised extensively in casual play, as well as pro players winning tournaments using him.

Finally, the most recent was the aforementioned Hero – a divisive character that is equally devastating and frustrating, according to this guide from GINX Esports TV's Lloyd Coombes.

Fans will be hoping to see Banjo Kazooie join the fold and be instantly usable – they're fantastic characters in their title games, and it would be great to see them on the big stage at Smash events. Keep your eyes peeled, because they'll probably be with us pretty soon.