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Leak reveals Kingdom Hearts’ Sora as final Smash Ultimate DLC character

With Nintendo confirming the date for announcing the next DLC character for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate next month, a new leak suggests the final character to be Kingdom Hearts’ Sora.
Leak reveals Kingdom Hearts’ Sora as final Smash Ultimate DLC character

The past year has been an exciting one for players of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with the incredible roster of DLC characters that have been announced. And with the next DLC fighter presentation locked in for 5 October, we’re all anticipating who Smash creator, Masahiro Sakurai, could reveal next.

The anticipation, however, had arrived earlier than expected as a recent leak point revealed the final Smash DLC character could be none other than Sora, the main protagonist from Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts series.

Sora in Smash Ultimate is a dream for all

Leak reveals Kingdom Hearts’ Sora as final Smash Ultimate DLC character
Is Kingdom Hearts’ Sora finally arriving in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? (Picture: Square Enix)

A fan-favourite request in a poll by Source Gaming, rumours of the possibility that the lovable Kingdom Hearts’ protagonist making his way to the game will be a welcoming addition. In the lead-up to the final Smash presentation, could Sora finally join the current roster as a DLC fighter is rather complicated?

Many fans believe that with the addition of Final Fantasy VII’s antagonist, Sephiroth, who joined the roster back in December 2020 and similarly, Cloud Strife had been a part of the roster since 2015, the chances of another Square Enix character joining seems likely given its track record.

While fans have remained hopeful over the last few months, a gallery of images has surfaced online that suggest fans may finally get their wish much sooner.

Kingdom Hearts’ Sora to Smash Ultimate - Is the leak real?

A post on a 4chan message board by an anonymous user showed Sora doing battle with Incineroar. It also shows the Kingdom Hearts character appearing in the character select screen, appearing beside Minecraft’s Steve and various Mii fighters.

With other images accompanying the post, all taken from a TV screen or monitor, it does come with a few problems that need to be addressed. There is no gameplay footage; just static images captured off a screen. The next problem is there could be a possibility that Sora’s character design has been based on a mod, potentially Shulk.  

Finally, players getting spoiled having two Square Enix characters in Smash as part of the Fighters Pass sounds quite unlikely, so these rumours should be taken with a grain of salt at this point.

Leak reveals Kingdom Hearts’ Sora as final Smash Ultimate DLC character
Could Sora really be joining Smash Ultimate? (Picture: 4chan)

The poster also stated that the images were sent from a reliable source as part of the internal testing for the game but, interestingly, gave a timeline as to when the character will arrive. “He claims that final playtests of the next DLC fighter are running right now, and Sora will be announced [at] The Game Awards.”

There are remaining slots available in the current Fighters Pass Volume 2 with the last character to arrive this December, which makes this leak even more intriguing. Additionally, the first DLC character for Smash Ultimate was announced at The Game Awards 2018, so we won’t have to wait much longer whether the leak is credible or not.


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Featured image courtesy of Square Enix.