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MKLeo defeats Samsora to win Smash Ultimate Summit 2

Smash Ultimate Summit 2 saw the biggest names in Smash Ultimate come together to compete for a crowdfunded prize pool at the BTS house in LA.
MKLeo defeats Samsora to win Smash Ultimate Summit 2

MKLeo has continued to show his Smash Ultimate prowess by running the gauntlet to lift the duck in his third post-EVO 2019 victory and maintaining his Grand Finals appearance streak of ten in a row.

This makes MKLeo the back-to-back Summit champion. While the first Ultimate Summit earlier this year saw MKLeo use four different mains in the form of Greninja, Lucina, Marth and Wolf, only Marth returned this time around alongside his staple Joker.

In Pool 1, MKLeo suffered a defeat at the hands of Eric "ESAM" Lew's Pikachu. This left ESAM in the top spot with a clean 3-0 record before falling in the Winners Bracket and being eliminated in the Losers Round 4 to Enrique "Maister" Hernández Solís, who claimed his place in the Final Singles Bracket.

Maister came up against MKLeo who had lost to Ezra "Samsora" Morris in the final Winners Round 1-3 to drop into the Losers semifinal. Utilising both of his mains, MKLeo made it to the Grand Finals to once again play Samsora, but this time for the whole tournament.

A stunning display saw the Grand Final Reset come in and MKLeo did not drop a game as he demolished Samsora six times in a row to win the title. With tens of thousands of dollars raised thanks to the crowdfunded prize pool, this marks of the more significant cash amounts in the Smash calendar.

Multiple 2020 Smash events were announced by BTS, including Smash Summit 9 and the third Ultimate Summit in June.