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MkLeo wins Smash Ultimate singles title at Super Smash Con

Leonardo "MkLeo" Perez beat eUnited's Ezra "Samsora" Morris to claim the Smash Ultimate title at Super Smash Con 2019.
MkLeo wins Smash Ultimate singles title at Super Smash Con



MkLeo was crowned the Smash Ultimate champion at EVO one week ago after beating Gavin "Tweek" Dempsey. With a Game 4 comeback, he forced the Grand Final reset in impressive fashion and won the championship 3-2 in the grand final, 3-0 in the reset.

At Super Smash Con 2018, MkLeo had claimed both the singles and doubles titles in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, alongside Brian "Cosmos" Kalu for the latter.

This year, as reigning champion of Super Smash Con, MkLeo fell to Samsora in the Winners Semi-Final, marking only the second time in Ultimate history Samsora has won the match-up.

MkLeo was left to fight through the Losers Bracket as a result. Beating Nairoby "Nairo" Quezada and Tyler "Marss" Martins, who took the trophy at Smash Factor 8 over MkLeo in July, he faced a familiar face in the Losers Final.

Tweek had also fallen to Samsora, going 0-3 in the Winners Final. Both competitors in the Losers Final were not only be fighting for the Grand Final spot, but a chance for revenge. It wasn't to be for Tweek as once again, MkLeo triumphed over the Pokémon Trainer with Joker, leaving Tweek in third place.

Perfectly mirroring EVO, MkLeo beat Samsora in the Grand Final 3-2 and clean-sweeped the reset 3-0.

MkLeo's dominant performances and back-to-back tournament wins as Joker has led to many wondering if nerfs should be implemented to the character, more specifically Arsene. Arsene appears when Joker uses Rebel's Guard after Rebellion Gauge has been filled and cannot be attacked while active. Not only does he deliver additional attacks on opponents, but Arsene also allows Joker to perform longer rolls.

For now, Joker looks set to remain unchanged and MkLeo's streak of victories shows no sign of stopping or slowing down yet.