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Mum of Smash Ultimate pro Samsora delivers a heartfelt message during charity stream

The Peach main raised over $13,000 for the National Bail Fund.
Mum of Smash Ultimate pro Samsora delivers a heartfelt message during charity stream

Ezra "Samsora" Morris has been actively supporting the protests that have gripped the US in the last week which aim to bring an end to police brutality and systemic racism against black people.

As one of Smash Ultimate's top players, the Peach main decided to use his Twitch stream for a charity event to raise money for the National Bail Fund Network.


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(Picture: Samsora)


In little more than three hours, Samsora's followers managed to raise over $10,000, which prompted the 22-year-old to call his mum into the room to let her know what he, and his community, had achieved.


"We reached 10K? Absolutely freaking insane," said Samsora. "That's not even counting all the subs, resubs, bits, and ad revenue that we've got. Insane. I got to tell mama."

She immediately thanked everyone that donated even the smallest amount and went on to encourage all the protesters and allies that they must keep pushing for equality beyond these manifestations.



"We're not gonna let up, it's not gonna end today, it's not gonna end after this stream. Keep pushing. This is not something that they want, but they're gonna feel the heat," she encouraged. 

"We are going to make the change."



"Momsora", as she is affectionally known, finished by insisting "it was George Floyd eight days ago, who knows who's gonna be tomorrow. Could be you, could be me. No more, no more. We are gonna be the change."

By the end of the stream, the final tally ended up being $13,022, with the Smash pro sharing the donation receipt via social media.



As protests across the United States and the world continue, more public figures in gaming have stepped up and used their platform to spread awareness. We hope this trend continues way past these weeks.