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Smash Ultimate player recreates Evo Moment #37 using the latest DLC character Min Min

A fan has reenacted the iconic Daigo Parry using Min Min jab attacks in Smash Ultimate.
Smash Ultimate player recreates Evo Moment #37 using the latest DLC character Min Min

Many Smash Ultimate players have been figuring out everything there is to know about Min Min, the latest DLC fighter representing the ARMS franchise. Some, however, are busy reliving memorable moments from the fighting games community.

Twitter user Animal Cute shared a reenactment of sorts of the iconic Daigo Parry, otherwise known as Evo Moment #37, using Min Min jab attacks which resemble Chun-Li's rapid kicks from the Street Fighter series.



In classic Daigo fashion, Ken shield parries all of the attacks and then proceeds to use his final smash, which closely resembles his super art from Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike.


What is Evo Moment #37?

During the semifinal match between Daigo “The Beast” Umehara and Justin Wong, the Japanese legend was against the ropes against the Marvel vs Capcom 2 extraordinaire. 

Daigo was on the brink of losing the first match of the semis, with barely 1HP left, when Wong decided to unleash Chun-Li's super art on him. Umehara needed picture-perfect reactions to execute frame precise parries, thus avoiding taking chip damage (small percentages of health that drain while blocking regularly), a mechanic in 3rd Strike where players could, if timed correctly, revert a dire situation into a favourable one.

Daigo pulled it off 15 times in a row and followed it up with his own super art to the astonishment of every fan present that witnessed the historic moment live in Las Vegas. He would eventually take second place at the tournament. Take a look at the clip below.



On the 10th year anniversary of such a celebrated moment, both Daigo and Justin played an exhibition match trying to reenact the sequence of events, succeeding in the process. 

Evo 2020 is set to start on July 4th, with an all-online format due to the COVID-19 outbreak.