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Smash tournament Ultimate Naifu Wars #11: Start time and how to watch

Nairo is back to host another Super Smash Bros. Ultimate online tournament featuring some of the world’s top players.
Smash tournament Ultimate Naifu Wars #11: Start time and how to watch

Despite the netcode for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate falling short compared to other fighting games, the community is still ploughing ahead with plenty of online tournaments to keep everyone entertained. 

We’ve had plenty across the Quarantine Series and new tournament The Box, but Smash player Nairobi “Nairo” Quezada has also been regularly hosting new editions of Ultimate Naifu Wars. 

The latest event is set to take place this weekend, so here’s what you need to know about Ultimate Naifu Wars #11. 


What is Ultimate Naifu Wars? 

Organised by Smash pro player Nairo, Ultimate Naifu Wars is a long-running online tournament series which began way back in December 2018. Nairo however has been arranging tournaments way before then too, stemming back to Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. 

The 11th edition of Ultimate Naifu Wars takes place Friday 15th May. 


What is the prize pool and can I enter? 

The tournament has a 512 person entrant cap and is limited to subscribers of NairoMK’s Twitch channel. Registration closes on 5pm ET/10pm BST Friday 15th May if the cap isn’t reached. 

The tournament has a prize pool of $1,000 divided which will be divided between the top eight placements. 

  • 1st: $500
  • 2nd: $280
  • 3rd: $100
  • 4th: $60
  • 5th: $20 x2
  • 7th: $10 x2


What is the schedule? 

Ultimate Naifu Wars #11 starts on Friday 15th May at 6pm ET/11pm BST. 

We will update this page if a more specific schedule is released. 

Smash Ultimate
More online Smash Ultimate tournaments are popping up (Picture: Nintendo) 


Who is competing in Ultimate Naifu Wars #11? 

A number of top players are set to compete, including Leonardo “MkLeo” Lopez who seems determined to translate his real-life tournament success in the online space. 

Juan “Hungrybox” Debiedma is also lined-up to compete, alongside Brian “Cosmos” Kalu and Enrique “Maister” Hernandez.


How can I watch Ultimate Naifu Wars #11? 

Ultimate Naifu Wars #11 will be streamed on Nairo’s official Twitch channel below.