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Smash Ultimate player Hyuga gets disqualified from online tournament due to past sexual harrasment claims

Thealleged incident happened at EVO 2016, involving the pro player and caster Victoria "VikkiKitty" Perez.
Smash Ultimate player Hyuga gets disqualified from online tournament due to past sexual harrasment claims

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the FGC/Smash players have turned to online tournaments to maintain a semblance of competitive integrity. One of them is Smash Ultimate pro Christian "Hyuga" Medina.

The Mexican player signed up for the Mazer Gaming Gives Back event this week. Making a deep run in the tournament, the Toon Link main shared some of his results, including an upset against top North American Roy player, Goblin.



Excitement quickly turned into disappointment, as he soon found out tournament organisers had disqualified him based on his history of sexual harassment, he explained via social media.



"After beating Goblin and getting Top 64 Winners Side in Mazer Gaming's tournament, they decided to ban me from the tournament and DQ'd. I will respect the TO's decision because this topic has me so tired," Hyuga said.

Following up with another tweet, he explained the reason for his tag in bracket, Agente 7, as people claimed he was using a different in-game name to avoid getting banned right from the get-go.


Hyuga banned disqualified from tournament smash ultimate agente 7 hyuga vikki
Hyuga claims Vikki has forgiven him for his past actions. (Picture: Hyuga, Vikki)


"It's been five years since the incident and I have kept my word but it seems there's no way to fix this. So I just want to clarify something, I've had the tag ‘Agente 7’ in smash.gg since the quarantine began, a group of friends and I use these tags."

Vikki stated in a post on social media back in July 2016, that she and her boyfriend didn't want the player wandering around drunk by himself at Las Vegas, prompting both to invite Medina to their hotel room while intoxicated.



"I fell asleep next to my boyfriend on the bed and I woke up to Cristian in between my boyfriend and I, rubbing against me and sliding his hands up my shirt and another down my pants."

Hyuga lost his sponsorship with VGBootCamp and received a one year ban from all tournaments effective immediately. Days after the incident, the then Smash 4 competitor posted an update, claiming the issue had been resolved, as Vikki had forgiven him.


“Thank you Vikki for giving me a second chance in this moment. I am going to work so hard to fix my alcohol problem so this will never happen again.”

Many people have argued his DQ was based on him smurfing, entering the tournament with the aforementioned Agente 7 tag, however, as Hyuga pointed out, tournament organisers knew who he was as he was giving a proper seeding.



“They didn’t knew who I was but was seeded 55? What was Goblin doing in Winners? I wasn’t hiding my name, I just wanted to clarify that.”

Gobling would finish his run at 4h place, earning $250 in the process.