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Smash Ultimate pro Samsora banned from competing, deletes social media

The Smash Ultimate was criticised for his involvement in the recent events that transpired in the Smash community regarding sexual misconduct.
Smash Ultimate pro Samsora banned from competing, deletes social media

Former Smash Ultimate player Ezra "Samsora" Morris has been banned by Florida tournament organizer Cagt, following his involvement in the recent sexual misconduct allegations made by Zack "CaptainZack" Lauth against Nairoby "Nairo" Quezada.

The Peach main was accused multiple times of withholding information of Zack's relationship with Nairo and other pro players while Lauth was still underage, with recent comments made by Saleem "Salem" Young sparking controversy once again.

"Effective immediately, Samsora will receive an indefinite ban from events ran by myself, Grayola& L4st_v1," Cagt tweeted out.

According to the TO, "the damages done due to his actions during the July events and lack of full accountability show that proper punishment should be met in order to find necessary closure."

During his last statement, Salem accused Samsora of not coming forward with information regarding CaptainZack's multiple relationships while underage with other Smash pro players, providing private messages of Morris explaining his reasoning behind his decision.

samsora salem dm
(Picture: Salem)

According to Samsora, he feared legal repercussions for his knowledge, deciding to keep things private, trying to seemingly sweep everything under the rug. 

Morris would tweet that he felt a sense of "relief" from being banned, implying his retirement from the scene as there more to life than Smash. He would immediately delete his Twitter account. 

samsora deletes

It remains to be seen if more TOs will follow suit with Cagt's decision, or whether Samsora will return to the scene in the future.