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Smash World Tour 2020 with $250,000 prize pool announced

Boasting the largest prize pool in the history of competitive Super Smash Bros, the 2020 Smash World Tour looks set to establish a fresh start for the scene.
Smash World Tour 2020 with $250,000 prize pool announced
  • Smash World Tour 2020 is a new competitive tournament series for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Melee
  • The series boasts the biggest prize pool in competitive Smash history
  • Nintendo isn't involved, although organisers are hoping they will team up in the future

VGBootCamp has announced the 2020 Smash World Tour, a new tournament series across Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Melee with a $250,000 prize pool.  

The new tournament series will span 25 community events around the globe, as players earn points to qualify for the Smash World Tour Championships taking place from 17-20th December.  

The Smash World Tour circuit spans three different event types; Platinum, Gold and Silver. A combination of results from all three tiers will determine your spot on the leaderboards; your top three Platinum results, top three Gold results, and top six Silver results.  

Platinum and Gold events are major events taking place around the world, while local tournaments with over 32 players can apply to attain Silver status.  

It means players are encouraged to attend events both big and small, while also not forcing anyone to attend every single event.  

19 of 25 events have been announced so far, spanning US, Europe, Japan, and Australia. You can check out the full list below.  

  • CEO Dreamland, Orlando, US – 13-15th March (Gold) 

  • HFLAN Melee Edition, Paris, France – 28-29th March (Platinum) 

  • Pound 2020, Laurel, MD – 3-5th April (Platinum) 

  • Umebura Japan Major, Tokyo, Japan – 4-6th May (Platinum) 

  • Get On My Level 2020, Toronto, Canada – 15-17th May (Platinum)  

  • Momocon 2020, Atlanta, US – 22-24th May (Gold)  

  • Battle Arena Melbourne 12, Melbourne, Australia – 29-31st May (Platinum) 

  • Double Down, Las Vegas, US – 5-7th June (Platinum)  

  • Battle Of BC 4, BC, Canada – 19-21st June (Gold) 

  • CEO 2020, Orlando, US – 26-28th June (Gold) 

  • Low Tier City Expo 2020, Arlington, Texas – 10-12th July (Platinum) 

  • Colossel 2020, Lyon, France – 11-12th July (Gold) 

  • Fete 2020, Stoke-On-Trent, UK – 23-26th July (Gold) 

  • Smash Factor 9, Puebla, Mexico – 24-26th July (Platinum)  

  • Super Smash Con, Chantilly, US – 6-9th August (Platinum) 

  • Glitch: Infinite, Laurel, US – 19-20th September (Gold) 

  • The Script Trilogy – Laurel, US – 10-11th October (Gold) 

  • Apex 2020, New Jersey, US – 20-22 November (Gold)  

  • Port Priority 6, Seattle, US – Date TBA (Gold) 

  • Smash World Tour Championships, US – 17-20th December (Finals) 

31 players will qualify for the Smash World Tour Championships from the leaderboards, while a Last Chance Qualifier will decide who will earn the final spot.  

Nintendo isn’t involved with the Smash World Tour, although the website states they “hope to team up with them in the future” to “offer a unified way for Nintendo to directly support the competitive scene”. 

Nintendo has come under scrutiny for its poor support of the Super Smash Bros. competitive scene, being recently called out by Melee player Juan “Hungrybox” Debiedma on stream.


The announcement of this new tournament circuit has unsurprisingly gone down very well with the community, proving Nintendo’s backing isn’t entirely necessary for the scene to thrive.  

The Smash World Tour 2020 begins at CEO Dreamland from 13-15th March.