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Xanudu's Super Smash Bros. tournaments move online

Super Smash Bros. local tournament Xanudu has announced plans to move online amid the virus outbreak, featuring tournaments across Melee, Ultimate and other fighting titles.
Xanudu's Super Smash Bros. tournaments move online

After shutting down earlier this month due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Xanadu Games has revealed plans to move their local tournaments online.

Xanadu Games is one of the best known local tournaments and gaming spaces within the Super Smash Bros. community, with venues across Maryland and Virginia, US.

To keep the matches rolling however, VGBootCamp has launched Xanudu Online to bring back weekly tournaments Ultimate Tuesdays, Melee Wednesdays and The Grind Fridays.

They’re also in the process of figuring out what to do with Fighting Game Thursdays, with more information likely to come soon.

The tournaments themselves are require a  $5 fee to enter and are only available to US residents in Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware and Pennsylvania - in order to ensure the best online experience.

VGBootCamp founder Gimr also expressed how players who attempt to break the rules by signing up from elsewhere may be banned from future Xanudu tournaments.

If you aren’t in these regions however, there’ll still be streams of the action with commentators you can catch.

The first event is set to kick off Tuesday 24th March and will be streamed on VGBootCamp. For more information check out the Smash.gg pages.