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Tweek faced with death threats after ‘heckling and coaching’ callout

Smash pro player Gavin "Tweek" Dempsey has claimed he received death threats and harassment online after recalling his negative experience at DreamHack Atlanta.
Tweek faced with death threats after ‘heckling and coaching’ callout

Tweek, who plays Smash Ultimate for TSM, finished 13th at the event on Sunday 17 November, with Tyler "Marss" Martins coming out on top after his previous win at DreamHack Montreal back in September.  

Taking to Twitter, Tweek has since detailed his experience during his off-stream match against Carrington "Wrath" Osborne, claiming he was being ‘heckled’ which affected his focus and his opponent was coached ‘verbally and physically’ during the match.  

In the post on Twitlonger, Tweek wrote: ‘They would say when things would take my stocks, say when I was recovering, the usual stuff you’ve probably heard of for midset coaching along with heckling.’ 

Weirdly, he later claimed Wrath was being 'massaged’ while he was playing.  

‘It was definitely a rough scenario for me,’ Tweek added. ‘I figured if I said anything the heckling would definitely get worse, I've been in this scenario before so. So I didn’t do anything, I played the set, shook his hand, and left.  

‘The coaching was very blatant to me, but part of me was also questioning if I was just exxagerating since I felt like some sort of staff or TO would definitely do something. But then I realized the staff/TOs were in the crowd wanting me to lose so I definitely should have stood up for myself I think.’ 

After uploading the post, Tweek claimed he received death threats and abuse over his comments, adding: ‘I’m f**king done. I cannot be sane on this app.’ 

Wrath has since denied there was any verbal coaching going on during the match, saying the ‘massage’ was his girlfriend ‘just telling me I can do this.'  

He also offered a nine-minute video in response from the match to prove there was no coaching, which Tweek has since dismissed because it doesn’t show the full set.  

The professional Smash Bros scene has often been troubled by a lack of sportsmanship, with Marss leaving a game mid-match at Collision 2019 due to audience heckles and coaching – which gives their opponent an unfair advantage.  

While coaching is forbidden in professional tournaments, the rules are murky to say the least – with the rules as to what actually constitutes ‘coaching’ vague when it comes to excitable crowds.