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Watch the return of ZeRo to competitive Smash Bros. Ultimate

The former Smash 4 legend competed in the latest Quarantine series online tournament, facing top players like Tweek in the process.
Watch the return of ZeRo to competitive Smash Bros. Ultimate

It's hard for players to leave it all behind them and call it quits, especially when they're in their prime, regardless of sport. This is exactly what Gonzalo "ZeRo" Barrios did after retiring from professional Super Smash Bros.

Known for being a hard worker, from Melee to Smash 4, the pro turned content creator holds the Guinness World Record for consecutive tournament wins, racking up 56 total between 2014, and 2015.

The pressure he endured during the streak fatigued him to a point where he decided to quit almost entirely from the competitive side of things, even when the release of Smash Bros. Ultimate was looming on the horizon.



True to his words, other than invitational tournaments such as Smash Summit, ZeRo's only appearance at an Ultimate major was at Smash Conference United in January 2019. He finished just short of top 8 after losing to Ezra "Samsora" Morris.



Now, more than a year after his last professional outing, the Chilean made waves during the second tournament in the Quarantine Series, called The April Minor, to the delight of fans and Smash community members eager to see him play competitively, even if it's in an online format.

Updating his fans via social media, ZeRo's run ended at 33rd place, however, we could see him play against the likes of Gavin "Tweek" Dempsey, with whom he had a big rivalry back in the Smash 4 days.



Using his signature Diddy Kong, the set ran for more than 30 minutes, a testament to how close the series was against one of the current top players in the Ultimate scene.

During his pools, ZeRo decided to mix up his character selections, pulling a surprising Little Mac pick against Firewater's Ice Climbers.



The EVO champ confirmed his participation in subsequent online tournaments, and who knows, maybe this will spark his competitive hunger once the COVID-19 pandemic ends and the Smash World Tour comes around.