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Star Wars Hunters Release Date, Platforms, Features, Gameplay & Details

Battle with friends and other players across iconic locations throughout the Galaxy far, far away in Star Wars Hunters, launching in June 2024.
Star Wars Hunters Release Date, Platforms, Features, Gameplay & Details
(Picture: NaturalMotion Games / Zynga)

Developer NaturalMotion Games and publisher Zynga have officially confirmed new details for their upcoming project, the much-anticipated Star Wars Hunters. This game is a free-to-play (F2P) team-based battle arena shooter set following the fall of the Galactic Empire, where the most talented and experienced Hunters battle it out for glory and honor across multiple unique maps and iconic locations.

With the game heading to selected platforms in mid-2024, players can start pre-registering for it and acquire some exclusive rewards upon its launch. We've compiled all the relevant information players need on Star Wars Hunters, including its release date, platforms, gameplay details, features, and more.

Star Wars Hunters Release Date And Platforms

The upcoming F2P team-based battle arena shooter, Star Wars Hunters, officially has a release date, as confirmed by publisher Zynga and Lucasfilm Games. The game, developed by NaturalMotion Games, is back on track, as it will reenter the Galaxy onto selected platforms on 4th June 2024.

As for the selected platforms, interested players can anticipate downloading the game for Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS devices upon launch. Speaking of game downloads, preregistration for Star Wars Hunters is available for the abovementioned platforms, and they can head to the game's official website to begin.

Star Wars Hunters Game Gameplay & Features

As of writing, it's been confirmed that players will get to choose from a roster of 13 unique characters of "Hunters," including droids, Stormtroopers, Wookies, Rebel fighters, and Mandalorians. As explained in an interview with Zynga art director Dominic Estephane, plenty of wrestling influences are found everywhere in Star Wars Hunters, including the playable characters and their backstories.

Additionally, it can also be found in how the game is being presented to players as "a live show broadcast," according to Estephane. Each battle will take place at an arena within an iconic Star Wars location and will be dressed with all the bells and whistles, from a jumbotron to graphics packages, with every Hunter having their entrance theme.

Speaking of the arenas, the game will feature several playable maps set in unique locales that Star Wars fans will immediately recognize. These include reproducing the tall trees and high platforms of Endor, the podracing battleground of Mos Espa, and barrel-rolling away from firefights atop Turbolaser towers.

It will also feature plenty of unique game modes to immerse themselves in this new Galactic experience. Dynamic Control sees players battling against each other to capture Control Points; Power Control will have them work together in squads to capture Control Points and defend them, and Trophy Chase requires them to work in teams to hold onto a golden-hued droid named TR0-F33 where reaching 100% wins the game.

Team with friends or players in a squad to capture Control Points and defend them against opposing teams in the Power Control mode for Star Wars Hunters. (Picture: NaturalMotion Games / Zynga)

Squad Brawl is an all-out brawl where the first team to have successfully amassed 20 eliminations gains the victory. A Ranked Mode is also added, which is unlocked after reaching level 11, and competing in the Ranked Season across seven weeks through multiple Leagues and Divisions can be rewarding.

Lastly, there will be a series of challenges for which Hunters can get battle-ready and earn unique rewards. Quests is another gameplay feature for Star Wars Hunters, in which players must complete the Arena Insider Quest, learn about the Hunters system, and complete specific tasks for every quest.

Some rewards that can be unlocked include a new Hunter, Utooni, and the Jawa Scavengers. The only requirement for unlocking subsequent quests is meeting their prerequisites to unlock and explore for bigger and better rewards.