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Obi-Wan Kenobi Episode 5 recap - The penultimate chapter

With just one episode left, the gears are turning fast.
Obi-Wan Kenobi Episode 5 recap - The penultimate chapter
Obi-Wan Kenobi hit a speedbump after Episode 4, and Star Wars fans were certainly looking towards Episode 5 for the story to start ramping up the tension along with the plot. There were some great parts in the last episode, but Episode 5 has blown the rest of the series out of the water so far.

All of the character development, the slow burn moments, and the struggles of Obi-Wan have led to a penultimate chapter that is filled with moment-to-moment intensity. Whether there was genuine action or simple dialogue, every second was a must-watch, and it has lined up the finale of the Star Wars series well.

As we go into the Episode 5 recap for Obi-Wan Kenobi, be warned that there are a ton of SPOILERS ahead.

Predictability at its best in Obi-Wan Kenobi Episode 5

Obi-Wan Attack of the Clones
Episode 5 begins with a flashback to Obi-Wan and Anakin. (Picture: Disney)

There was no time wasted in this week's episode, which is a stark contrast to what we got in Episode 4. Much of the latest episode was predictable, and there was some fan service to go around as well. But these were done in the best ways possible to make for something that will certainly have fans talking for the next week.

Episode 5 opens up with a flashback to Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin from the Attack of the Clones era. Anakin is still a Padawan here and the two Jedi warriors are sparring in what appears to be Coruscant. After just a few scenes during the spar, the camera cuts to Darth Vader. He's on the hunt for Obi-Wan, and Reva has confirmed that they have his location. She is rewarded with the title of Grand Inquisitor

Cut to Obi-Wan landing with Leia after saving her from the fortress the week before. The old Jedi General has just enough time to look through old sabers and claim an iconic Jedi robe before trouble begins. They get merely a minute before Vader and Reva are already in their atmosphere and the base has been sabotaged.

All of this happens in just under 10 minutes, which goes to show that the episode was wasting no time in week 5. After we see that trouble is bound to happen, the show cuts back to the same spar between Kenobi and his Padawan. Throughout the episode, this spar is used as a contrast between the two, and as foreshadowing for how Vader will react. Kenobi is sure Vader will waste no time in sieging.

Reva's intentions are revealed within Obi-Wan Kenobi

Reva Episode 4
Reva reveals she has no love for Vader or the Kenobi. (Picture: Disney)

Vader can smell blood, and he has Kenobi backed into a corner. He sends Reva down with a large group of Stormtroopers to break down the doors of the base. During this time, Obi-Wan takes the mantle of leader once again, and he gives everyone a role. Their goal is to escape before they have to fight.

For the next five minutes or so, Leia is tasked with fixing the wires that were sabotaged by her droid when Reva tracked it. Roken is tasked with getting the ships ready, and Tala is there for emotional support. She walks in on Kenobi just after he gets a message from Bail Organa. If he doesn't hear from Obi-Wan soon, he will head to Tatooine to watch over Luke.

This message comes into play later, but before long, the door is almost broken down. Kenobi asks for a conversation with Reva to negotiate a surrender. This moment is pivotal because we find out exactly what Reva's intentions have always been. Not only does Kenobi figure out that she knows Vader is Anakin because she must have been a youngling, but he realizes she hates Vader as well. Her goal has always been to kill him.

Obi-Wan plays on this revenge to get Reva to help him fight Vader, but she refuses and slices open the rest of the door. Stormtroopers flood the base and everyone inside must defend themselves as they run to the hangar. It's in this clash that Tala and her droid sacrifice their lives.

Obi-Wan Kenobi remembers his time training Anakin during Star Wars

Obi-Wan Kenobi
Kenobi must remember his past with Anakin to get the upper hand. (Picture: Disney)

As all hope seems lost, another flashback to the Attack of the Clones sparring session ensues. Kenobi remembers that Anakin was always obsessed with victory to a fault, and he simply wanted his Master to admit defeat. Kenobi would use this lesson and turn himself into Reva.

With Obi-Wan in bindings, Reva tells Vader that she has him. While they wait, Kenobi reminds Reva that it's Vader coming to her as well, not just him. He appeals to the fact that she's about to let handfuls of children be executed once again, just like what was shown in another flashback. Ultimately, she lets Obi-Wan go just before Vader gets there, as they believe he will be too distracted by his Master to see Reva.

In the little time that they have left in Episode 5, Kenobi gets Leia and everyone else on a ship after he successfully opens the hangar ceiling. Because of a previous exchange of weapons though, he dropped his communication device with the Organa message on the ground.

Vader then reaches the base and charges his way through. As he gets to the hangar, the ship is about to escape and he rips it back down to the ground in a display of power. He immediately starts tearing the walls off of the spacecraft, but it was a decoy. The other one escapes promptly. Vader was too obsessed with proving himself, just like Anakin in their flashbacks.

Reva is the loser in Episode 5 of Obi-Wan Kenobi

Reva Fortress
Reva loses her time in the grace of Vader. (Picture: Disney)

While the ship is getting away, and Vader stares into the sky, Reva attempts to walk quietly behind her Lord. She then quickly pulls her saber out and goes for the killing blow. Of course, it doesn't work, and Vader wards off her attacks with the Force.

Vader eventually beats her down and takes her lightsaber. Instead of ending the fight though, he splits the saber in half and gives her one. The duel continues until Vader beats Reva once again and has both sabers. He promptly stabs her and admits he knew she was a youngling looking for revenge.

Within moments, the original Grand Inquisitor comes in and takes Reva's new badge off of her suit. He has his revenge and they leave her for dead. However, she sees Kenobi's communicator on the ground, and she makes out that there is a boy on Tatooine being taken care of by Owen. Obi-Wan feels this in the Force, and Episode 5 closes.

Only one episode remains in the series, and if it's anything like the penultimate week, Star Wars fans are in for some of the best content to date.

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