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Every Star Wars game currently in development

Multiple Star Wars games are in development at AAA studios, produced by Lucasfilm Games. Here's the confirmed list of all Star Wars games.
Every Star Wars game currently in development

Being one of the most popular and influential franchises in history, it's no doubt that every new Star Wars movie, TV series, or comic, garners quite the attention from its humungous dedicated fan base. Star Wars games are no exception, and every new entry tends to sell incredibly well.

2019's Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order and the recently released Lego: Star Wars The Skywalker Saga are just two recent examples of commercially and critically successful Star Wars game releases. Given its rich lore, world-building, story, soundtrack, and gameplay possibilities, not to mention a well-established audience, it's no surprise that more big-budget Star Wars games are on the way.

All upcoming Star Wars games

Below, we have detailed all forthcoming Star Wars games confirmed to be in development, the studios currently working on the respective games and an estimated window of when they could potentially be released.

Amy Henning's new Star Wars project

star wars games development lucasfilm games skydance new media star wars narrative game
The Uncharted creator and her team at Skydance New Media are in the development of a narrative-driven Star Wars game. (Picture: Skydance New Media)

The creator of Uncharted, Amy Henning, established her new game development studio, Skydance New Media, to work on AAA action-adventure titles. After announcing its first action-adventure title set in the Marvel Universe, Skydance New Media has announced its second project in collaboration with Lucasfilm Games, a brand new original narrative-driven action-adventure Star Wars title.
This surprising new announcement should excite the Uncharted fans and the people looking forward to Amy Henning's now-cancelled single-player Star Wars Ragtag project that was in development at EA's Visceral Games for several years.

Star Wars Eclipse 

The studio responsible for cinematic adventure titles like Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human, Quantic Dream, is currently working on an "intricately branching" action-adventure Star Wars title set in the High Republic era. After being rumoured for weeks, Star Wars Eclipse was officially revealed at The Game Awards 2021, with a sleek cinematic trailer.

The title doesn't have a release window at the time of this writing though a recent report from industry insider Tom Henderson suggests that Star Wars Eclipse is targeting a 2027 release.

Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order 2

star wars games development lucasfilm games respawn entertainment jedi fallen order sequel
Respawn Entertainment are currently in development on the sequel to Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order. (Picture: Respawn Entertainment)

2019's Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order is one of the most successful Star Wars games of recent memory. The Metroidvania Souls-like action-adventure title filled in the void of a top-notch single-player Star Wars epic with no microtransactions and sold over 10 million copies in just a year.

As such, it's no surprise that EA greenlit a sequel, Jedi Fallen Order 2, which is now in development at Respawn Entertainment. No release window is known as of this writing.

Ubisoft's open-world Star Wars game

star wars games development lucasfilm games ubisoft star wars open-world game massive entertainment
Massive Entertainment. the studio behind Tom Clancy's The Division is working on a brand new open-world Star Wars game. (Picture: Ubisoft)

In January 2021, Ubisoft announced that Massive Entertainment, the studio behind Tom Clancy's The Division games, will be helming the development of a brand new open-world Star Wars on its powerful Snow Drop engine in collaboration with Lucasfilm Games.

Massive Entertainment is also currently working on Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, another huge open-world game scheduled to release before the Star Wars game. Furthermore, if insider Tom Henderson's comments are anything to go by, Ubisoft's Star Wars game probably won't see the day of light until 2025.

Aspyr Media's Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic – Remake

The highly demanded remake of Bioware's 2003's Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic is currently in development at Aspyr Media. First announced during Sony's PlayStation Showcase in September 2021, the KOTOR remake will be timed exclusive on PS5, with a subsequent PC release.

The KOTOR remake will also reportedly feature real-time combat instead of the original's turn-based combat. According to Star Wars insider Bespin Bulletin, they estimated that the KOTOR Remake will release sometime in 2023 or 2024.

Star Wars FPS game from Respawn Entertainment

star wars games development lucasfilm games respawn entertainment star wars fps game
A second team at Respawn Entertainment will be responsible for a forthcoming Star Wars FPS game. (Picture: Respawn Entertainment)

Aside from developing the Jedi Fallen Order sequel, Respawn Entertainment is also apparently working on a new FPS Star Wars title. It is, however, in development at a different team led by Peter Hirschmann, who had previously worked on several Medal of Honor games.

No release window or information is known as of writing.

Star Wars strategy game from Respawn Entertainment and Bit Reactor

bit reactor star wars
Bit Reactor is currently staffing up for its Star Wars strategy game. (Picture: BitReactor / Twitter)

Respawn Entertainment is knees deep in developing several Star Wars projects simultaneously. The third and final Star Wars game they are making is a strategy game in collaboration with a new indie AAA studio called Bit Reactor.

The team at Bit Reactor includes veterans who worked on the XCOM franchise, so it's safe to say that the Star Wars strategy game is in capable hands. Likewise, no confirmation of a possible release date has been announced yet.

That's all the Star Wars games in development that we currently know. We will update this article if and when more Star Wars games are announced.

In the meantime, do check our dedicated Star Wars section for the latest news, updates, guides, features and more. 


Featured image courtesy of Quantic Dream.