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Star Wars Squadrons Baby Yoda: How to get

Baby Yoda and other The Mandalorian cosmetics are coming to Star Wars Squadrons. They are all free and here's how to get them: "This is the way."
Star Wars Squadrons Baby Yoda: How to get

To celebrate the launch of The Mandalorian Season 2,  EA and Motive Studios are introducing a set of cosmetics based on the popular TV Show, and yes, this includes the cutest being across several galaxies - The Child, better known as "Baby Yoda"  among fans.

"Fall in, pilots. We’ve received a critical transmission from our allies in outlying sectors. The Mandalorian Season 2 is upon us! In preparation for the much-anticipated second season, we’ve flown in a frigate to provide you all with a themed supply drop," says the official announcement.

(Picture: EA)

Although EA promised not to add any further cosmetics into the game, this time is indeed a special occasion and given that they are all free and not paid DLC, players are more than happy to receive Mandalorian-themed goodies.

The Mandalorian Supply Drop contains 8 cosmetic items: one hologram, decal, dashboard flair, and hanging flair for each of the Imperial and New Republic factions. 

(Picture: EA) 

The “Mysterious Creature” figurine (Baby Yoda) is a dashboard flair for the New Republic pilots, while the Imperial fighters will get IG-series Assassin Droid to decorate their cockpits.

When it comes to hanging flairs, one faction will get The Razor Crest Gunship, while other will have a hefty Beskar Ingot to sway in front of them.

How to unlock Baby Yoda and other Mandalorian cosmetics?

To unlock any cosmetic item from this set, all you need to do is to spend Glory Points on them, which you can earn while playing the game in any mode.

Customization items vary in the amount of Glory required to unlock them, and EA hasn't yet shared details about the number of Glory points needed for these items.


When does The Mandalorian Supply Drop end?

The Mandalorian Supply Drop will arrive in Star Wars: Squadrons on 28th October and it won't be time-limited, which means that you can unlock all items from it at any time.