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Star Wars Squadrons: How to get free Prime Gaming Pilot Helmets

A guide on how to get new Pilot Helmets for Star Wars Squadrons with Prime Gaming for free.
Star Wars Squadrons: How to get free Prime Gaming Pilot Helmets

It doesn't matter if you are on the side of the Empire or with the rebels, a good pilot always needs a hardy helmet to protect him. 

And that's exactly why we have some great news for you, because thanks to the cooperation between Electronic Arts and Amazon, you can now get four new Pilot Helmets, completely for free!

Throughout February, all Prime Gaming members are eligible to get Typhonic Defender, Ace's Apex, Striking Impact, and Kidron Sunse helmets complete free.

It's a great deal and a perfect opportunity to give your pilots a fresh new look, so here's how you can obtain those helmets.

How to get free Prime Gaming Pilot Helmets

Star Wars Squadrons Prime Gaming loot Pilot Helmets
Prime Gaming February loot for Star Wars Squadrons (Picture: Amazon/EA)

To unlock these exclusive Helmets, you'll need Prime Gaming membership which is free for a month, so you can get this skin free!

You will also need to make sure that your Amazon account and EA accounts are connected.

Here is step by step what will you need to do:

  • Go to Prime Gaming and click on "Try Free".
  • Link your EA and Amazon accounts here
  • Console users - be sure to link your Xbox, Playstation 4, and Nintendo Switch accounts there too.
  • When all is done, click the blue Claim button on the Star Wars Squadrons offer page and enjoy your exclusive Helmets!

These Helmets will be available from 1st February up until 1st March 2021, so make sure to use this opportunity and claim them, because they will not be available by other means.

If you continue your membership, you will receive Prime Gaming Supply Drop 4 for Star Wars Squadrons, which is currently still a mystery reward.