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Star Wars Squadrons v1.2 patch notes: Fleet battle crashes and bug fixes

Update 1.2 is a small patch that promises more than it delivers.
Star Wars Squadrons v1.2 patch notes: Fleet battle crashes and bug fixes

Star Wars: Squadrons has been an enjoyable experience for many that have loaded themselves into their virtual cockpit and undocked into that deep deep space.

Though the game has not been without its issues with the games ranked mode - Fleet Battles - if not unplayable, and increasingly frustrating experience.

Star Wars squadrons update 1.2
(Picture: Motive Studios)

Some players report being stuck on rank 0 with no hopes of getting out, players abandoning matches is an all too common occurrence, reducing one side to 4 pilots before the game has even begun. Made worse because the game then decides that no team, win or lose, with gain any points for said match. And that's before we get into the dreaded AI creep meta.

On the latter point, the team at Motive Studios has been surprisingly quiet but the issue with the AI creep will likely involve some drastic changes to the Fleet Battle game mode and so will take longer to address.

However, with the release of update v1.2 they did have something to say for the issues that have been plaguing ranked.

Star Wars Squadrons v1.2 patch notes
(Picture: Motive Studios)

That being said we do have a patch today and it does fix a number of bug fixes and problems, notably the issue of players crashing when loading up to Fleet Battles which may well help reduce the number of games that start with four people.

Star Wars: Squadrons v1.2 patch notes


  • Made improvements to the overall Fleet Battles tutorial experience
  • Fixed an issue where the player could experience a black screen during or after customizing their pilots
  • Fixed an issue where pilot models were blurry when being customized for some players
  • Fixed a typo on the profile page
  • Other stability improvements and minor fixes, including reduced crashing on PC


  • Fixed an issue where dying during the Rebel prologue mission while fighting the Star Destroyer could block progress
  • Fixed an issue where medals could be reset after uninstalling or updating the game
  • Fixed an issue where players could not progress through Mission 3 if they defeated the Quasars too quickly
  • Fixed an issue where the player could get stuck when launching missions from the options menu
  • Fixed an issue where the UI after completing the prologue through EA Play would not display correctly
  • Fixed an issue where medal earned in the single-player story could be reset after playing other activities (previously fixed on PC)


  • Updated Challenge text to make it clearer that they cannot be completed in Solo vs AI


  • Fixed an issue where players didn't populate the EA Friends List
  • Improved party stability


  • Fixed an issue where the game crashed while transitioning into a match
  • "Quick Match" will now remember your faction preference for Dogfight

Fleet Battles

  • Fixed an issue where the game would crash when loading into Fleet Battles
  • Fixed an issue where players could not use the "Customize Ship" option in the hangar during the Fleet Battles briefing room state


  • Fixed the issue where cutscenes would appear broken on the Valve Index when using Origin
  • Improved performance while using Steam VR
  • Fixed an issue where the D-pad wouldn't work in the settings menu while using Steam VR
  • Made the fade to black transitions a smoother experience for Oculus Rift users
  • Fixed a flickering helmet issue on Victory poses for Oculus Quest users