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All New Stardew Valley 1.6 Achievements & How To Get Them

Stardew Valley's 1.6 update introduced new achievements. Here are all of them.
All New Stardew Valley 1.6 Achievements & How To Get Them
(Picture: ConcernedApe)

Stardew Valley's 1.6 update added tons of new content, and along with that new content comes new achievements. Here are all the new achievements that were added to Stardew Valley in the 1.6 update and how to get them.

All New Stardew Valley 1.6 Achievements

Well-Read: Read every book

There are quite a few books in Stardew Valley. To get this achievement, you'll need to read every single one of them at least once. The new 1.6 update added the Bookseller, who sells a wide variety of books, making this achievement much easier to get. You can also get books from fishing in the sea or mining in the Skull Cavern.

Two Thumbs Up: See a movie

To see a movie in Stardew Valley, just head to the Movie Theater and buy a ticket before heading inside. This is one of the easiest new achievements to get, since it doesn't require much work at all; you'll just need to go to the theater and watch a movie.

Blue Ribbon: Get 1st place in the Stardew Valley Fair competition

To get the Blue Ribbon achievement, you'll need to not just compete in the Stardew Valley Fair competition, but get first place. The Stardew Valley Fair takes place on the 16th of Fall each year. Winning it requires getting 90 points or more in the competition. To get that many points, you'll need to bring a diverse variety of items and bring more than your opponents. 

An Unforgettable Soup: Delight the Governor

This achievement can be earned at the summer Luau. Here, you'll need to make a delicious soup by adding something of Gold or Iridium quality into the soup. As long as it's a Gold or Iridium crop, it'll work! After adding it in, you should get the 'An Unforgettable Soup' achievement.

Good Neighbors: Help your Forest neighbors grow their family

The Stardew Valley 1.6 update added a cute little new side storyline involving a raccoon family. To get access to the Good Neighbors quest line, you'll first have to finish the Big Tree quests. Then, you'll be able to complete eight fetch quests for the raccoons and not only earn access to their special shop, but also get this achievement!

A Distant Shore: Reach Ginger Island

This achievement doesn't involve new content; it's just a new achievement for reaching content that was already in the game prior to 1.6. To get it, you'll have to get to Ginger Island. This requires finishing the Community Center and unlocking the boat behind Willy's. Next, you can buy your boat ticket to Ginger Island, which costs 1,000 Gold.

Danger In The Deep: Reach the bottom of the ‘dangerous’ mines

To get the Danger In The Deep achievement, you'll first have to finish one of Mr. Qi's special orders from Ginger Island called "Danger In The Deep" - the same name as the achievement. When you get this special order, you'll get access to the new "dangerous" mines. You'll need to reach the bottom within 7 days of the time you got the special order. Once you complete it, you'll get the achievement.

Infinite Power: Obtain the most powerful weapon

Getting the Infinite Power achievement requires getting the game's most powerful weapon, which is the Infinity Blade. Making the Infinity Blade requires you to add these items to the Forge in the Volcano Dungeon:

  • Galaxy Sword
  • 3 Galaxy Souls
  • 60 Cinder Shards

Once you've successfully crafted it, you'll get the Infinite Power achievement.

Perfection: Reach the Summit

Reaching Perfection requires getting all of the other achievements in Stardew Valley and completing 100% of the game.

This can be pretty challenging to complete, but Perfection Waivers may be able to help you. If you get a letter from Fizz from Joja's Special Services Division, then you have access to the Perfection Waivers. You'll need to meet Fizz at Ginger Island, where you can buy one in return for a whopping 500,000G.

This will increase your Perfection score by just 1%, and it's a huge cost to pay, so you should use this only if you're looking to get that last 1 or 2 percent to finish out your 100%.