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New Steam Files Suggest Starfield’s Shattered Space DLC Might Arrive Quite Soon

A recent Steam addition for Starfield could be a precursor to news on the upcoming Shattered Space DLC, and here are all the details.
New Steam Files Suggest Starfield’s Shattered Space DLC Might Arrive Quite Soon

The response to Starfield has been cautious, to say the least, since its launch last year. Most players seem to agree that it has both strengths and weaknesses in equal measure. Therefore, many players are eager for the release of its upcoming DLC, Shattered Space, hoping it will elevate the game from its middle-ground status to greatness.

Until now, information about the Shattered Space DLC release has been scarce. However, a recent addition to SteamDB for the game may provide a small hint that the DLC is progressing well. Let's delve into the details below.

New Steam Files Suggest Starfield’s Shattered Space DLC Might Arrive Quite Soon

Reddit user u/Salmagros shared a screenshot from the official SteamDB website, revealing an addition to Starfield's Steam listing. The entry, titled "SteamDB Unknown App 2721670," has surfaced in the Downloadable Content section of the game, and as a reminder that DLC stands for "Downloadable Content."

Starfield SteamDB Possible DLC Release Shows new addition and possible dlc
Based on the recent addition to the game's DLC SteamDB backend, many players reckon this could be the DLC being added or at least indicates it's in the pipeline. (Picture: SteamBD)

While this discovery doesn't guarantee immediate news about the DLC, it presents compelling evidence that an update might be on the horizon. SteamDB has a track record of reliability in predicting updates and subsequent releases, as seen with the Elden Ring SteamDB page receiving updates shortly before the Shadow of the Erdtree announcement.

Although this doesn't confirm an imminent announcement or release, it does confirm that behind-the-scenes developments are occurring for the Shattered Space DLC. Fans share in the excitement for the DLC and speculate about additional content that may accompany it. One Reddit user expressed enthusiasm, saying, "Creation Kit being released alongside this would be my highlight."

Starfield SteamDB Possible DLC Release More to come
The SteamDB update isnt concrete evidence for the DLCs release coming soon, but we are hopeful that it's at the very least on the horizon, and that it can take the game from being good to great. (Picture: Bethesda)

Bethesda has pledged to open the Starfield creation kit to modders at some point, raising the possibility that this mysterious update could be a pre-load for that, the DLC, or both. Only time will reveal the true nature of this development.

As of now, there's optimism that Starfield will follow the path of games like Cyberpunk or Dark Souls 2, where the base game was deemed "fine," but the DLCs propelled them to fame. So stay tuned for further details as soon as they emerge.