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Starfield Xbox & PC Download Size: How Much Space Does It Require?

Here's how much storage space you need to install Starfield on Xbox and PC.
Starfield Xbox & PC Download Size: How Much Space Does It Require?

Are you wondering how much storage space you'll need to download Starfield on Xbox Series X/S and PC? Bethesda Game Studio's upcoming open world sci-fi RPG isn't just the studio's first new IP in years but also the studio's first current-gen-only title. 

Starfield is built on the Creation Engine 2 and is visually superior to BGS' past titles like Skyrim and Fallout 4. It's also the studio's biggest open world game to date, featuring over 1000 explorable planets. However, with better visuals and a bigger open world comes a larger storage requirement, and Bethesda has revealed how much space you need to clear on your Xbox Series X/S and PC to install the game. 

Starfield Xbox & PC File Size Revealed


Starfield requires a whooping 140 GB storage space on PC, at least if the game's Xbox store listing is anything to go by. Strangely enough, the Steam listing suggests it requires 125 GB of space. On Xbox consoles, it needs 126.1 GB of space though we aren't sure if it's for Series X, Series S, or both.

Either way, you should be prepared to clear up at least 125 GB of space on your desired system. Do note that SSD is a mandatory requirement to run this game. Don't hesitate to check our Starfield PC System Requirements page for more info. 

Starfield arrives on 6 September 2023 for PC, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox Game Pass. Early Access begins a week early on 1 September 2023.