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Lando Norris forced to end stream during downtime of F1 race

During a recent F1 race, streamer and professional driver Lando Norris started to stream but was quickly told to end the broadcast.
Lando Norris forced to end stream during downtime of F1 race

One of the year's biggest success stories is the rise of professional Formula One driver Lando Norris. However, in this context, Norris is a big success story in the gaming industry. While his rise to stardom in the F1 scene is certainly nothing to forget about, his rise on Twitch has perhaps been an even bigger topic of discussion. 

However, Lando had his two worlds collide earlier today when an official from F1 actually told him to stop his live Twitch stream. Nothing more seems to have arisen from this but the viral clip of this incident is making the rounds on social media. 

F1 tells Lando Norris to end his Twitch stream 

McLaren's star driver, Lando Norris is a pretty big name in both the F1 and Twitch scenes. However, that doesn't appear to matter much to the officials at F1. They're definitely not giving Norris any special treatment, as today's earlier incident proves. 

Lando Norris Twitch

While on some downtime during today's race, Norris and one of his team members decided to do an IRL stream on Twitch. The two were just interacting with chat in what seemed to be a downtime room of some kind. Just minutes into the stream, Norris' Twitch channel had over 10,000 people tuning in. 

Obviously bored, the pair were just talking about random things while seemingly for their next race to begin. However, this didn't last long, as an official from F1 entered the room and apparently told Norris and his teammate to end the stream

Lando seemed shocked by this and even told his chat to "blame F1." There doesn't appear to be a clear reason for F1 wanting the stream to stop but it's likely because the broadcast was going on a race day. 

The stream ended soon after, with Norris and his teammate saying they'd "better stop it." It's safe to say Lando might not try and go live during his next downtime.