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Did Kai Cenat's AMP House Really Burn Down?

Kai Cenat and MrBeast's explosive firework stunt during a Jul. 4 live stream has supposedly left the AMP House up in flames.
Did Kai Cenat's AMP House Really Burn Down?
Update: According to X Community Notes, the Fourth of July stun was planned by Kai Cenat and MrBeast using a replica studio. After reviewing existing footage of his space. Small discrepancies [TikTok] can show you that this is not his real room. It is a fake, staged room that was filled with fireworks. Note ID 1808706511364874293  

Popular Twitch streamer Kai Cenat and YouTube sensation MrBeast have found themselves at the center of controversy following a live stream that ended in a room filled with fireworks exploding. The incident has since left fans questioning the authenticity of the event, with many speculating that the entire setup was staged.

The live stream, which took place on Jul. 4, 2024, at Kai Cenat's AMP House, was intended to celebrate the Fourth of July. However, things took a dramatic turn when AMP Davis, a fellow content creator and friend of Cenat, entered the room with a box of fireworks. Despite Cenat's obvious distress and attempts to stop Davis, the fireworks were eventually lit, leading to a massive explosion that completely destroyed the room.

A video of the proceedings can be seen below.

The aftermath of the incident has been met with skepticism from fans, who have pointed out several inconsistencies in the room's setup. In particular, some skeptics have noted that the room appeared to be a replica of Cenat's actual streaming room, with differences in door placements and pillar details. This has led many to believe that the entire stunt was staged.

At the time of writing, neither Kai Cenat nor MrBeast has issued a statement in response to the allegations. However, the incident has sparked a heated debate among fans, with some criticizing Davis for his role in the chaos and others questioning the ethics of staging such a dangerous stunt for the sake of entertainment.