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Mixer is helping streamers on its platform with $100

In these hard times, Microsoft wants to be sure that their active streaming partners are ok.
Mixer is helping streamers on its platform with $100

Streaming is a job as any other, and although some tend to think of streamers as people who are "living the dream" by playing video games while making money, the sad truth is that only the tiny number of the top-end streamers are earning a stable and significant income, while 99% of others are just like you and me: regular people grinding their way through life.


And right now, we're living in challenging and hard times, full of uncertainty and unpredictability. Many are doing streaming mostly as a hobby or "extra" job, and for them, their main job right now is something they really need to think about the most.

Mixer, Microsoft's streaming platform, decided to show some support for its partnered streamers by giving them a small financial injection as a sort of help and incentive to keep going. This was noticed earlier today by Fraser Brown of PC Gamer, who listed a couple of Tweets from Mixer streamers saying that they got a $100 surprise from Mixer.

It seems that Mixer didn't say anything in advance about this and they didn't even make an official statement or something similar. Instead, they simply want to quietly help their streams, which is undoubtedly a nice gesture!