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Why Was Neon Banned From Kick (14 March 2024)?

Kick has banned controversial streamer N3on from their platform—here's why.
Why Was Neon Banned From Kick (14 March 2024)?
Kick / Neon
Note: This is a developing story. We will endeavor to update this page with additional context and information. This article deals with topic of a sensitive nature and may not be appropriate for younger readers. Reader discretion is advised.

According to sources on X (formerly Twitter), popular variety streamer N3on was banned from Kick on 14 March 2024 after threatening to dox and sexually assault a minor streamer, reportedly aged 10 years old. These threats were made live while N3on was on a private Discord call with the individual.

At the time of writing, neither N3on nor the streaming company has issued an official statement regarding the reason or duration of the ban. However, members of the online streaming community claim that a heated exchange between N3on and the minor streamer had instigated the ban.

Specifically, the threat was made by N3on threatening to r*pe the streamer in their anus until they bled. Based on an excerpt of the stream, which is now circulating on X, the minor streamer could be heard initially antagonizing N3on by saying, "Shut the f*ck up. I'll beat the sh*t out of you and your fat girlfriend, bro [...] the fat sl*t. I'll smack her in the face, too, b*tch."

N3on then responded, "What the f*ck. On god, I'm going to dox your entire family. What's your name?" The streamer quickly interjected, telling N3on that he wasn't "gonna do sh*t," adding, "Shut the f*ck up. Suck my d*ck, bruh. You're a b*tch."

After continuing to press the streamer for their name, N3on then said: "I don't give a f*ck if you're ten years old. I will f*ck you in the a*s until you f*cking bleed, b*tch. I swear to god. Shut the f*ck up, bitch."

According to the Kick community guidelines, "There is no violence or hate-speech allowed on Kick [...] We strictly prohibit unwanted and intentional violence and we do not allow our platform to be used for hate-speech. Encouraging or participating in violence or bullying others under the guise of 'just joking' or 'free speech' is counterproductive to the mission of Kick."

While Kick's action to outright ban N3on for his comments is well justified, the sensitive and disturbing nature of his threats has naturally sparked outrage, with some X users calling his threats pedophilic. It is currently unclear if legal action will possibly be taken against N3on for his violent outburst.