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TSM Leffen reveals broken hand will require surgery

The Smash Melee player explained on social media that he injured himself in a "very clumsy way."
TSM Leffen reveals broken hand will require surgery

William "Leffen" Hjelte has revealed he suffered a broken bone in his right hand following an accident this past 28th March. 

"Xray confirmed got a broken bone in my hand, not sure how long it's gonna take to heal or next steps yet," Leffen tweeted out this past 30th March, confirming the need for surgery to "ensure full mobility" in a follow-up tweet.

Days prior, Hjelte explained that he had hurt his "right hand in a really clumsy way," with the 26-year-old learning about the severity of his injury soon after.

Leffen has had to deal with major setbacks throughout his career, dampening his growth as a Melee and fighting games player as a whole, which is why he expressed his frustration with yet another impediment. 

"I'm so f*cking tired of literally everything possible going wrong for me career wise."

leffen hand injury surgery
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Some of the adversities that the Fox player has had to endure include the infamous visa issues in 2016 that made Leffen miss plenty of major Melee tournaments, including Evo, at a time where he was looking to dethrone the Five Gods of the game.

It remains to be seen how long will it take for Leffen to fully heal, but everyone here at GINX wishes him a speedy recovery.