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Smash Summit 13 - Schedule, format, players, prize pool, and more

One of the most anticipated Smash Melee events is close to returning, with Summit 13 promising high-stakes competition with the world's best players.
Smash Summit 13 - Schedule, format, players, prize pool, and more

Smash Melee continues to thrive despite Nintendo's interference, coming out of the other side of the COVID-19 pandemic stronger than ever.

The community behind the 20-year-old title has made sure viewership continues to increase, making the prospect of competing more exciting for veterans and newcomers alike. With Summit 13, that's no different.

The fan-favourite 16-player invitational gathers some of the best Melee players in the world. Some were directly invited, others earned their spot via tournament placements, and the remaining few were crowdfunded by the community. 

The event not only features high-stakes Melee but side-events and even comedy skits that make Summit more entertaining to watch than your average Smash tournament. 

Let's take a look at everything you need to know about Summit 13, including the schedule, format, who's competing, and where to watch.

Smash Summit 13 - Schedule and format

Smash Summit 13 is scheduled to start on 12th May, running until the 15th. As mentioned, the invitational features several phases of singles competition, as well as side-events both in and out of Melee, and video sketches, usually shown on the final day. 

smash summit 13
Summit 13 format will maintain what we've seen in previous Smash Summits. (Picture: BeyondTheSummit)

As for the format, it'll follow a similar one from the most recent Ultimate and Melee Summits, with an initial round-robin group stage to determine player positions during the gauntlet phase.

The 1st place of each group before the gauntlet stage will skip the second phase entirely, qualifying for the final bracket winners side. The rest will compete to see their final position in the bracket.

Finally, a 16-man double elimination bracket set to be played on Sunday will determine the winner of Ultimate Summit 4.

Take a look at the full schedule, including side-events, down below.

summit schedule
The full Summit 13 schedule. (Picture: BeyondTheSmash)

Smash Summit 13 - Players and prize pool

ibdw smash summit 13
iBDW won the last Melee Summit against Mang0 in convincing fashion. (Picture: BeyondTheSummit)

All 16 players will receive a cut of the prize pool, which sits at $24k and counting, as viewers can still chime in.

The players competing are:

  • Zain
  • iBDW
  • Mang0
  • Leffen
  • Plup
  • Pipsqueak
  • Jmook
  • N0ne
  • Hungrybox
  • Llod
  • DarkGenex
  • Sora
  • Frenzy
  • KoDoRiN
  • Blue
  • Salt

Smash Summit 13 - Where to watch

Those interested in watching Ultimate Summit 4 can tune in to the official BeyondTheSmash Twitch broadcast which we have embedded down below. 

It remains to be seen if any co-streamers will also broadcast the event like previous Smash Summits.


For more on all things Smash, including tier lists, tournament results, and more, check out our dedicated section.

Featured image courtesy of BeyondTheSmash.