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Tekken 8 Slated For Release In 2023 Fiscal Year Or Later

According to reports, Bandai Namco's upcoming fighting game, Tekken 8, might be arriving in March 2023.
Tekken 8 Slated For Release In 2023 Fiscal Year Or Later

One of the world's most anticipated fighting games, Tekken 8, might arrive much sooner than most think. According to Insider Gaming, the Bandai Namco title will likely be debuting in 2023, if not a little later. The video game was initially announced on 14th September 2022 but has had little to no official information regarding its development or anticipated release date.

Insider Gaming's investor asked Bandai Namco if the company had any games releasing in 2023 that provides a “new experience value” like Elden Ring. Bandai Namco reportedly said they are "planning a large number of projects," adding that "Tekken 8 is also under development with the aim of launching in fiscal 2023 or later."

according reports tekken 8 arriving march 2023
According to reports, Tekken 8 might release in March 2023 or later in the year.

In hindsight, a Reddit user drew attention to Bandai Namco's public document noting that the company would release Tekken 8 "2023年度 以降" (translated: in 2023 or later). But what does "fiscal" mean in this context?

Another Reddit post stated that the term "fiscal year 2023" referred to the period from 1st April to 31st March 2023. "Fiscal years in Japan begin 1st April and end 31st March. Therefore, 'fiscal 2023' begins in Q2 2023 [and] includes Q1 2024," the user wrote. This means that Tekken 8 could release early next year. However, it could also mean "later," around the end of 2023 or in 2024.

"The 以降 which means 'or later' very clearly implies that a release date past fiscal 2023 is also possible; if they were committed to releasing during fiscal 2023, they would have written 2023年度内に (within fiscal 2023). So it might even be Q2 2024 or later," the Redditor added.

These reports align with Insider Gaming's investigations, too. That said, Tekken 8 could release anywhere from 31st March 2023 to early 2024. That said, the fighting game will be exclusively debuting across PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Windows PC platforms and will be made using Unreal Engine 5.

Until more information about Tekken 8 becomes apparent, stay tuned as we'll endeavor to update this article.

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