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What Do The Keywords In TFT Mean?

Here, we go over the various keywords you will see when you start playing Teamfight Tactics Set 8.
What Do The Keywords In TFT Mean?

Teamfight Tactics is a game that has a lot of depth to it. There are so many moving parts within the game that it is nearly impossible to recreate the same game over and over again. Each ability does something different, and each item does something different as well. Combine that with all the augments, it just goes to show how deep TFT is.

But Riot wants to make TFT a lot more straightforward to the players. To achieve this, Riot has put in some keywords in Set 8 of Teamfight Tactics. Each keyword has a different effect and it is important to know them so you do not get caught off guard.

What Are The Keywords In Set 8 Of TFT?

The TFT teams created keywords to make the game much easier to understand. (Picture: Riot Games)

One of the main guides in TFT that helps players navigate the complexity of the game is the tooltip. The tooltip is basically the text that you see with each ability, item, and augment. These tooltips are designed to help players understand what each individual component of TFT does.

However, the tooltips in the past were at times, not the most straightforward. That is because abilities often had extra effects that were not clearly stated. But that has changed, and now there are keywords to make everything more clear. Here are some of the keywords you will see while you are playing TFT and what they mean:

  • Sunder - Reduces Armor
  • Chilling - Slows enemy attack speed
  • Omnivamp - Heals for a portion of damage dealt
  • Disarm - Units cannot move or attack
  • Taunt - Forces enemy units to attack the taunter
  • Mana-Reave - Increases maximum mana, so units use abilities slower
  • Burn - True damage over time
  • Shred - Reduces magic resistance
  • Wounds - Reduces enemy healing received
  • Stun - Prevents movement, casting, and attacking for a duration of time

Knowing these keywords is essential to TFT because it will help you plan ahead and get into the proper positions to combat things like stun so you can sunder your enemies easier.

What Have Keywords In Them In TFT?

Understanding what each ability and item does in TFT is essential to win a game. (Picture: Riot Games)

Nearly every aspect of TFT has a keyword in them. Augments can apply sunder, abilities can mana-reave, and items can cause omnivamp. On top of that, there are units that can apply multiple keywords to enemies if they are given the right items. Thankfully, a tooltip that has a keyword will also have an explanation of that keyword provided.

There are some abilities that units have that only damage enemy units. Those are usually only done by lower-cost units. Just remember that in TFT, the tooltip is your friend, and it will help guide you to make the strongest board possible.