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Teamfight Tactics Roadmap For 2024: All Sets, Game Modes Coming To TFT

Here's everything that is going to happen in Teamfight Tactics in 2024.
Teamfight Tactics Roadmap For 2024: All Sets, Game Modes Coming To TFT

With 2024 now underway, it is time to look at what Teamfight Tactics will look like in 2024. We are currently in the Remix Rumble Set 10 of the game and players have been enjoying the game state lately. There are new and returning mechanics that keep players invested in what the game has to offer.

It looks like the year 2024 will be a big and transformative year for TFT. We have the roadmap for TFT 2024 and it looks like there is a lot to look forward to. Here, we will go over everything the roadmap has to show us for TFT 2024.

Teamfight Tactics 2024 Roadmap Overview

2024 Roadmap TFT
Take a look at the 2024 Roadmap for Teamfight Tactics. (Picture: Riot Games)

As you can see, the Roadmap for TFT in 2024 looks smaller than the one for 2023. That is because, in 2024, there are no more mid-sets for the game. The TFT development team has grown big enough to where the mid-sets are no longer needed and the developers can work on new content instead.

With Set 10 starting at the end of 2023, there are going to be three new sets coming in 2024. On top of those new sets, there are going to be two set revivals as well. These are old TFT sets that are put back into the game for players who are feeling nostalgic. On top of that, there is going to be a TFT Anniversary celebration as well.

Teamfight Tactics 2024 Roadmap Breakdown

January 2024

  • Set Revival - A blast from the past!

March 2024

  • Set 11 - An encounter with myths & legends.

Summer 2024

  • TFT Anniversary - We're celebrating like never before with a new event & game mode!

July 2024

  • Set 12 - Magic, mayhem and ... bees?

Q3 2024

  • Set Revival #2 - Our second old set revival!

Q4 2024

  • Set 13 - ???

When Can I Play The Newest TFT Sets?

TFT 2024 Roadmap
Three new sets are expected to launch in 2024 for TFT. (Picture: Riot Games)

Right now, players can enjoy the current Set 10 which is called Remix Rumble. From what we can tell on the roadmap, Set 11 will start in March of this year. Since there are no midsets, players will have to wait until July to get their hands on the newest set which will be Set 12.

After that, it looks like Set 13 is slated to start in quarter 4. That means more than likely, it will start between the months of November and December. The TFT team has said that having no midsets will make all of the new sets better and so far, they have been correct.