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Every new class and champion confirmed for Teamfight Tactics Rise of the Elements update

Teamfight Tactics has a big update coming thanks to Rise of the Elements, with the majority of champions and classes being taken out to make way for a new elemental focus for the future.
Every new class and champion confirmed for Teamfight Tactics Rise of the Elements update

Update: The @TeamfightTactics Twitter account has released the full set of champions that have been released onto the PBE.

Check out the full Teamfight Tactics blog including the full champion list, item combinations and the new elements coming with the Rise of the Elements update.

Rise of the Elements will bring a new season to Teamfight Tactics. This will see the lineup of fifty champions changed dramatically to keep the meta fresh and allow new champions, abilities and classes to be experienced and experimented with in the new autobattler arenas with four hexes of depth.

It seems the classes are joined by elemental origins that function in a very similar way.

So far, the following classes and elements have been leaked or confirmed as part of TFT's set two release:



Singed's exclusive class, allows him to ignore unit collision and move through opponents.



These units will jump to the furthest enemy at the start of a round. Activated with three units, assassins do +75% critical strike damage and have a 25% critical strike chance , this increases to +150% critical strike damage and 50% critical strike chance with six units.



In contrast to Assassin, a Berserker will leap to the nearest enemy at the start of a round. With three units, there is a 40% chance for Berserkers to cleave and deal 100% area of effect damage to surrounding units, rising to an 80% chance with six.



While the new Blademaster class details haven't been revealed, set one Blademasters had a three, six and nine unit activation with a 35% chance to hit one, two or three additional enemies.



It is not known what Crystal's set bonus will be.



Desert allies gain 50%/90% armor penetration with two/four units.



Similar to the Elementalist class in set one, two druids on your side will see a 2000 health stone golem with Mountain element and the items of your highest tier Druid summoned to the field, with a health increase to 4000 if four druids are present.



Like an angry Pikachu, Electric champions will shock enemies when they deal or receive critical damage, with a bonus of 60 damage for two Electric units, 200 for four and 500 for six units.



It is not known how or even if new Glacial will be different from old Glacial, where a 20%, 35% or 45% two second stun chance came with increasing glacial champions.



Spells from Inferno units will ignite a fire on hexes by burning the ground. These burnt hexes will deal damage equal to 80%, 150% or 250% of the damage from the spells themselves linked to three, six or nine units.



If a Light unit dies in TFT, the other Light units receive +10%/25%/50% bonus attack speed depending on whether you have three, six or nine units and regenerate 25% of their maximum health per Light death.



Mages will have a 50% chance to double cast spells with three units and a formidable 100% chance with six units.



Two Mountain champions will equal a 1500 health shield for one randomly selected ally unit.



Mystics will have a team focus with their ability, bringing 70 magic resist to all allies when activated by two units and 150 by four units.



Ocean's two, four and six unit buffs bring mana for all, with an added 10, 25 or 40 mana given to all allies when it is active.



This three unit buff causes enemies to be 'poisoned' once attacking them, leading to a 50% increased mana cost.



Especially deadly, any damage a predator deals to an enemy below 25% health will execute them for an instant kill



The Ranger class returns with some changes. The chances for double attack speed for all rangers goes from 35%, 65% to 100% on two, four and six units and the increase lasts three seconds.



It is fitting that the myserious Shadow set bonus or ability is not yet known.



Steel units will gain invulnerability for two seconds for two units and equivalent time for three and four units once they drop below 50% health.



Summoners bring 40% increased lifetime on summoned units or 100%, depending on whether you have three or six units on the field.



Acquiring a duo of Wardens will see them both receive +100% armor, four Wardens brings +250% and six in total sees a huge 400% armor added to these units.



All units will gain a dodge chance, 25% for two, 40% at three and 55% at four Wind champions active.

This seems to be replacing Yordle in set two.



Three Woodland units activate their buff, which sees a random Woodland ally clone themselves as the round starts.


We will see the return of Assassin, Glacial and Ranger from the current set but Demon, Dragon, Exile, Imperial, Knight, Gunslinger, Noble, Phantom, Pirate will all out of the game following the update.

Champions like Ashe, Kindred and Zed are not leaving the TFT roster, but will remain with different skins, origins and abilities. Ashe goes from a 3 to 4 gold champion, Kindred is the reverse from 4 to 3 and Zed will cost a pricy 5 gold to have him in your build.

Streamer for G2 Esports Rumay "Hafu" Wang revealed the Warden class and its members being 1-gold Nasus, 2-gold Braum and 5-gold Taric.

The full list of new and returning champions we can expect to see in this upcoming set are as follows:

  • Aatrox - 3 gold (Light / Blademaster)
  • Annie - 4 gold (Inferno / Summoner)
  • Ashe - 4 gold (Crystal / Ranger)
  • Azir - 3 gold (Desert / Summoner)
  • Braum - 2 gold (Glacial / Warden)
  • Diana - 2 gold (Inferno / Assassin)
  • Dr. Mundo - 3 gold (Poison / Berserker)
  • Ezreal - 3 gold (Glacial / Ranger)
  • Ivern - 1 gold (Woodland / Druid)
  • Janna - 4 gold (Wind / Mystic)
  • Jax - 2 gold (Light / Berserker)
  • Kha'Zix - 4 gold (Desert / Assassin)
  • Kog'Maw - 1 gold (Poison / Predator)
  • Kindred - 3 gold (Shadow-Inferno / Ranger)
  • LeBlanc - 2 gold (Woodland / Mage-Assassin)
  • Lux - N/A
  • Maokai - 1 gold (Woodland / Druid)
  • Malphite - 4 gold (Mountain / Warden)
  • Malzahar - 2 gold (Shadow / Summoner)
  • Master Yi - 5 gold (Shadow / Mystic-Blademaster)
  • Nami - 5 gold (Ocean / Mystic)
  • Nasus - 1 gold (Light / Warden)
  • Nautilus - 3 gold (Ocean / Warden)
  • Neeko - 2 gold (Woodland / Druid)
  • Nocturne - 3 gold (Steel / Assassin)
  • Olaf - N/A
  • Ornn - 1 gold (Electric / Warden)
  • Rek'Sai - 2 gold (Steel / Predator)
  • Renekton - 1 gold (Desert / Berserker)
  • Singed - 5 gold (Poison / Alchemist)
  • Sion - N/A
  • Sivir - 3 gold (Desert / Blademaster)
  • Skarner - 2 gold (Crystal / Predator)
  • Soraka - 3 gold (Light / Mystic)
  • Syndra -2 gold (Ocean / Pilgrim)
  • Taliyah - 1 gold (Mountain / Mage)
  • Taric - 5 gold (Crystal / Warden)
  • Thresh - 2 gold (Ocean / Warden)
  • Twitch - 4 gold (Poison / Ranger)
  • Varus - 2 gold (Inferno / Ranger)
  • Vayne - 1 gold (Light / Ranger)
  • Veigar - 3 gold (Shadow / Mage)
  • Vladimir - 1 gold (Ocean / Mage)
  • Volibear - 3 gold (Electric-Glacial / Berserker)
  • Warwick - 1 gold (Glacial / Predator)
  • Yasuo - 2 gold (Wind / Blademaster)
  • Yorick - 4 gold (Light / Summoner)
  • Zed - 5 gold (Electric / Summoner-Assassin)
  • Zyra - 1 gold (Inferno / Summoner)

We can expect this big seasonal shift to release for TFT in early November and the PBE getting to test all of the new features within the next few weeks.