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Teamfight Tactics Set 9 Runterra Reforged: Start Date, New Mechanics, and More

Set 9 for Teamfight Tacticts has been revealed and we have all the information you need for Runeterra Reforged.
Teamfight Tactics Set 9 Runterra Reforged: Start Date, New Mechanics, and More

Teamfight Tactics is one of the most dynamic auto battler games ever created. With every set of TFT, there are new mechanics that players need to be on the lookout for. The differences between sets can be absolutely staggering. In Set 8, there were Hero Augments and in Set 7, large and powerful dragons were a huge focus of the game.

In one more patch, there will be a brand new set for TFT. Set 9 is going to launch soon and with that, some major changes are coming to TFT. Set 9 is called Runterra Reforged and it is a reimagined version of Set 1 of TFT. From what has been revealed, Set 9 is looking to be one of the biggest sets yet and there is a lot to go over.

What Are The New Mechanics For Set 9 Of TFT?

TFT Set 9
Regional Portals are coming to Set 9 of TFT. (Picture: Riot Games)

Each and every set of TFT is defined by their mechanics. In Set 8, Hero Augments was the main mechanic to look out for. Set 9 is going to be different. In Set 9, there are two game-changing mechanics. The first are called portals which can drastically change the game. The second is the legends mechanic which will help you get what you want more in TFT.

The Region Portals mechanic starts at every game. When you begin a game of TFT, there will be three portals in front of you. Each portal will have a game-altering mechanic that you will have to work with. For example, the Freljord portal could have the Ornn's Forge effect which will give you an Ornn Item Anvil at either stages 2-5 or 3-5.

Each region portal also has multiple effects but they will be similar to one another. Another Freljord portal could have the Hearth-Home effect which turns one of your items into a radiant item at stage 4-5. One regional portal, a Piltover portal, has an effect called Stillwater Hold which means there will be no augments given that game. There are 30 Regional Portals in TFT, so nearly every game will be different.

TFT Set 9
The Legends Mechanic will also make its way to Set 9 of TFT. (Picture: Riot Games)

The second mechanic for TFT is called the Legends mechanic. The Legends Mechanic actaully starts before the game even begins. In TFT, you can equip cosmetic Little Legends and Arenas that you like looking at and shows off your personality. On the same screen, you can now equip your own Legend.

In TFT, you always got random augments. Getting random augments can end up ruining your plans if you want to go for a specific composition. If you are interested in getting your own safety augment, now you can with Legends.

Let us take for example that you want to start the game with a lot of gold. If that is the case, you will want to equip the Tahm Kench Legend and he will give you either the AFK, Rich Get Richer, or Hedge Fund augment at the start of the game. The following augments you get will also have a safety augment included based on your Legend. There are 14 Legends in total so one of them will suit your playstyle.

On top of the new mechanics that were introduced, there are also new units, new cosmetics, new traits, new items, and new augments. On top of all the mechanics in the game, Riot has also added a lot of quality-of-life improvements to the UI of the game. These QOL improvements make it much easier for newer players to understand how the game works. If TFT was feeling stale by the end of Set 8.5, it is looking like Set 9 is going to feel like a completely new game.

When Will Set 9 For TFT Launch?

TFT Set 9 Runterra Reforged
Set 9 of TFT is called Runterra Reforged and it is going to be launching very soon. (Picture: Riot Games)

It is an exciting time for TFT and there are many who are ready to jump into Set 9 as soon as possible. But when can players finally get their hands on Set 9? Set 9 is now live. So the wait for a brand new set of TFT is over and players can experience all of the new mechanics for themselves.

Check out this video from Riot which explains what players can expect from Set 9 of TFT.