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The Finals Best Weapons: All Guns Ranked

Want to use the best weapons in The Finals? Come and check out this weapon guide!
The Finals Best Weapons: All Guns Ranked
Embark Studios

Despite the arcade-style graphics and misleading childlike overtone, The Finals is an incredibly competitive shooter, placing teams inside an arena to battle for the title of champion. Without the correct understanding of the game's environment, it's impossible to become the victor of The Finals, hence why it's so important to know your weapons.

Players depend on their arena and weapon knowledge to win, taking advantage of their enemies at every chance. Therefore, we're going to share and provide a tier list of the best weapons within The Finals to help you succeed.

The Finals Complete Weapons Tier List: S-Tier

653967593e9e5-THE FINALS _ Open Beta _ PC & Console _ Oct 2023 0-15 screenshot.png
Image: Embark Studios

The S-Tier weapons are universally exceptional, whether you're clearing buildings or engaging in combat on complex arenas, these arms offer amazing performance in all combat scenarios, despite their frequent use and slightly "meta" status from players.

  • FCAR 
  • CL-40
  • V9S

These represent the finest arms in The Finals, earning gamers an engagingly dependable encounter, and delivering a true-to-life shooting experience in the arena. These weapons should not be underestimated or disregarded.

The Finals Complete Weapons Tier List: A-Tier

Image: Embark Studios

The A-tier weapons within The Finals are incredibly reliable, however, they aren't as overpowered and adaptable as the S-tier arms. These weapons will provide wonderful companions in the heat of battle, earning you the title of champion on most occasions.

  • SR-84
  • SA1216
  • XP-54
  • M11

Despite not reaching the top S-tier weaponry, these weapons will exert power over the arena's battlefields, letting all opponents be well aware of your might. It's likely the majority of players will be using these weapons and, therefore learn their weaknesses too. 

The Finals Complete Weapons Tier List: B-Tier

6539675945c88-THE FINALS _ Open Beta _ PC & Console _ Oct 2023 0-28 screenshot.png
Image: Embark Studios

The B-tier weapons within The Finals are where things begin to get a little hazy, with these weapons often being overpowered by the A-tier and above. However, these weapons have great specific uses instead of being adaptive in all situations. 

  • Sword 
  • Sawed-off Shotgun 
  • .30-06 Sniper 
  • Assassins Dagger 
  • LH1

The sword is rather cutting edge, especially in the fast-paced "free-running" type combat scenarios, they allow players to make light work of their enemies. 

The Finals Complete Weapons Tier List: C-Tier

65396759432f5-THE FINALS _ Open Beta _ PC & Console _ Oct 2023 0-27 screenshot.png
Embark Studios

The C-tier weapons are where things get a little questionable. Perhaps these weapons will get you some criticism in-game unless you start carrying your team.

  • Flamethrower 
  • AKM
  • Repeater 
  • Riot Sheild 
  • R.357

The Flamethrower is only great when you're playing up close and personal; not a common occurrence within this fast-paced arena shooter. The Riot Sheild can provide great protection when obtaining the objective unless getting flanked! 

The Finals Complete Weapons Tier List: D-Tier

653bf5452cf0b-The finals standard.jpg
Image: Embark Studios

Unfortunately, the D-tier weapons are the "bottom of the barrel" arms, leaving players practically useless within the arena and not providing much contribution to the team. These are usually the reason why players are shouting at you. 

  • Pump-action grenade launcher 
  • M32 grenade launcher 
  • M60
  • Sledgehammer 

It's best you leave these weapons on the sideline until you need them. The grenade launchers come in handy very rarely and aren't worth equipping in most cases. The sledgehammer seems useless. Just use the Assassin's Dagger, it's so much cooler.