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The Finals: How to Change and Equip Skins

Come and find out how to change and equip skins on The Finals
The Finals: How to Change and Equip Skins

Skins are essential to every first-person shooter title, they make killing more enjoyable and give players a sense of expression. Skins allow players to "grind" for something and lead to a higher sense of purpose within a game, however, they're pointless if you don't know how to equip and change your skins within The Finals! 

How to Equip and Change Skins in The Finals

To equip a skin in The Finals, head over to the Contestants menu, then your weapon on the loadout tab, and then press Customize. Despite appearing obvious, players often resort to the "equipment menu" in search of changing skins instead of Contestants.

Players are unable to change their skins from the equipment menu on The Finals. 

6543e0aba4687-the finals skins.jpg
Image: Embark Studios

There's another way to equip weapon skins; navigate to the overview tab and you can equip any skin you have unlocked by leveling up your weapon. In the skins tab, players can equip any weapon skins that they have purchased using The Finals cash shop, allowing players to showcase their more "exotic" skins. 

For players looking to further express themselves, you're able to add weapon charms and stickers through their customization tabs. Additionally, you're able to customize your reserve equipment and gadgets from the loadout tab on The Finals.