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How to Change Your Name in THE FINALS

Stuck with a terrible name? Come and find out how to change your name in The Finals!
How to Change Your Name in THE FINALS
Embark Studios

Humiliation becomes a regular occurrence when having a ridiculous and slightly embarrassing gamer tag, especially when matching against certain characters. Fortunately, Embark Studios has allowed the players of The Finals to change their in-game names, leading to a second chance for those who still use their childhood accounts.

Names such as "SwagLord" shall perish in the forgotten sands of time with the name-changing feature, and thankfully, we're here to assist your journey of self-improvement.

How to Change Your In-Game Name in The Finals 

6539675948874-THE FINALS _ Open Beta _ PC & Console _ Oct 2023 1-30 screenshot.png
Image: Embark Studios

Completing your identity switch is rather straightforward and doesn't take a lot of brain power, unlike adding friends on The Finals. Please ensure you've gained access to the open beta and loaded the game before trying to change your in-game name. 

Follow these steps to change your account name in The Finals:

  1. Head to the sign-in page on the Embark Studios website 
  2. Log in with your Steam, PlayStation, or Xbox account
  3. Click your account name in the top right 
  4. Select "profile" 
  5. Select "edit" next to your display name 
  6. Place your new desired name inside the box
  7. Select "Save" 
  8. Re-launch the game 

Please ensure that your game was closed whilst completing the name change. Once you've followed these steps, re-launch the game and your name will have changed and you can roam the servers without worry of judgement from others!