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How To Use Shiv in The Last of Us Part 1

Take out your enemies silently with our guide on how to use the shiv in The Last of Us Part 1.
How To Use Shiv in The Last of Us Part 1

In The Last of Us Part 1, you'll face a variety of post-apocalyptic threats, and thankfully, you have a plethora of weaponry at your disposal to fend them off. From high-powered guns to rudimentary weapons like a rusty pipe or a simple piece of wood, you have numerous options to choose from. 

However, the shiv is a favorite among players seeking a stealthier approach to combat, especially against the formidable Clickers. Therefore, it's crucial to understand how to acquire and use a shiv to survive. This guide will break down the essential information you need to know to obtain and effectively use a shiv in The Last of Us Part 1.

How To Use The Shiv In The Last of Us Part 1

Once you obtain the shiv, mastering its use is crucial as it's not a weapon that can be wielded by simply pressing a combat button. The shiv is a "one-shot-one-kill" weapon that can only be used during the grabbing mechanic. This means that you can use it when you or an enemy is grabbed, providing an option to kill instantly.

The Last Of Us How To Use The Shiv for silent kills and grab instant kills
The shiv is used to perform instant silent kills when you grab an enemy. (Picture: Naughty Dog)

It's important to note that the shiv is a disposable item, breaking after one use, so crafting another is necessary. To use the shiv effectively, the first step is to approach enemies stealthily and execute a stealth kill when grabbing them, an option only available when a shiv is in your inventory.

For example, if you find yourself in a corridor with two Clickers and one regular infected, it's best to take out the Clickers stealthily and deal with the slower and less aggressive infected one-on-one. Since Clickers cannot be grabbed and choked out, using the shiv is the only option for a stealthy kill, especially since attacking a Clicker can alert other nearby enemies. That's why having a shiv in these situations can be a lifesaver.

The Last Of Us How To Use The Shiv better against clickers and other loud enemies
The shiv is an ideal way to deal with Clickers or larger groups in a silent way as guns can alert other enemies easily. (Picture: Naughty Dog)

It's worth noting that the shiv can be upgraded later to survive up to three uses. It's also useful for silently killing regular infected and opening doors. If you're playing on easy mode or have fully upgraded the shiv, you can even use it to kill Clickers once they grab you, making it an invaluable tool in tough situations. 

For these reasons, we highly recommend upgrading the shiv as much as possible during your playthrough and keeping it on hand for challenging scenarios. And that's how you can best use the shiv in The Last of Us Part 1, and of course, be sure to watch your back out there, and keep a shiv on hand.