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Tower Of Fantasy - A Place To Chill And Grind With Friends

Here are my initial impressions of Tower of Fantasy, the upcoming sci-fi MMO game releasing on August 10 globally.
Tower Of Fantasy - A Place To Chill And Grind With Friends

Tower of Fantasy is all set to release on August 10 on PC and mobile devices. It is a free-to-play sci-fi MMO game that, at first glance, resembles Genshin Impact but actually has a lot more elements to it that separate it from HoYoverse's blockbuster. 

I got early access to Tower of Fantasy, and here are my initial impressions of it. Before jumping into the details, let's just say that the game will lock you in for countless hours, thanks to its unique combat, weapons, characters, and story elements. 

Tower of Fantasy - Gorgeous World and Engaging Combat

Tower of Fantasy will be release on August 10
Tower of Fantasy will be released on August 10. (Picture: Hotta Studio)

Developed by Hotta Studio, the Tower of Fantasy is set on the distant planet of Aida, where humans have migrated after a lack of resources and energy on Earth. There, on this mysterious planet, they find powerful energy called Omnium and built something called an Omnium Tower to capture a comet, Mara, the source of this energy. 

However, all of this came at a cost, with the radiation of the unknown Omnium energy causing mass destruction on the planet by turning animals into monsters. It has forced humanity to divide into two sides, one of which wants to stop the operation of Omnium Tower while the other side wants to continue it. 

Choose your character in Tower of Fantasy in the beginning.
Choose your character in Tower of Fantasy in the beginning. (Picture: Hotta Studio / Rabia)

In the beginning, you are asked to pick your protagonist, i.e., your in-game character, just like in Genshin Impact, and to begin your journey; you will have to be saved by Shirli. 

The best thing about Tower of Fantasy is the insane level of character customization options it offers. From tweaking the details of their eyes to changing the highlight of their hair, you have plenty of opportunities to make the character of your liking without spending a penny. 

Character customization in Tower of Fantasy. (Picture: Hotta Studio / Rabia)

Furthermore, if you like the character created by some other player, you can import it for yourself as well without going through the intense work of choosing different features. 

While character customization in Tower of Fantasy is extremely detailed, I prefer the overall character designs in Genshin Impact. The sci-fi elements are integrated nicely, and naturally, I was in love with Mi-a, Shirli's partner in the game. 

Tower of Fantasy looks gorgeous, thanks to its intricate anime art style. Its vibrant world often looks like an oil painting with just enough unique vistas to keep me hooked. That said, the latter sections of the game also offered me tonally different environments from the ones I encountered in the early hours. 

Tower of Fantasy graphics are eye pleasing.
Tower of Fantasy graphics are eye pleasing. (Picture: Hotta Studio / Rabia)

The combat in Tower of Fantasy feels smooth and satisfying as the game offers a variety of weapons that you can upgrade and customize as you like, with each one offering different combat experiences.

There are a wide variety of quests, including the main storyline and side quests, that you can complete alone or with other people in the game's multiplayer mode. You can fight various bosses, participate in raids, explore ruins, solve puzzles, and more in co-op, which makes the gameplay more fun and boss fights easier.

Another thing I noticed while completing these quests is that the game lets you skip the long dialogues that otherwise can cause frustration which is a major complaint of the Genshin Impact community.

The game also lets you choose the characters before entering each fight which saves a lot of work of setting up different parties and planning to select the right one before even knowing the enemies. 

Vehicles in Tower of Fantasy
Vehicles in Tower of Fantasy. (Picture: Hotta Studio)

Traveling in the Tower of Fantasy feels like Destiny 2, as you unlock futuristic vehicles like Voyager, Falcon, and more. I can't wait to race my friends in these vehicles once the game releases globally. 

If racing is not your thing, Tower of Fantasy has other fun co-op activities for you and your friends to enjoy, like bouncing mushrooms, soccer field, and more. This is in stark contrast to Genshin Impact, where you can't really interact with other players outside of a few leisurely activities like fishing. 

Ride a coaster or chill with your friends, you can do everything in Tower of Fantasy.
Ride a coaster or chill with your friends, you can do everything in Tower of Fantasy. (Picture: Hotta Studio)

If you want to get various characters and banners with a high rating, you will have to pull them from their banner by spending your money. However, you will also be able to earn a lot of free standard banner rolls if you want to keep the F2P approach. 

Overall, I feel quite confident about Tower of Fantasy, especially when it comes to its visuals and combat. Like I said before, there's plenty here to set it apart from Genshin Impact. The sci-fi plot didn't really kick in for me initially, but it kept getting interesting as I kept dwelling deeper into the conspiracies of Aida.

It's still too early to talk about the game's gacha mechanics though I hope it's pocket friendly at the very least. 

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Featured image courtesy of Hotta Studio / Rabia.