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Tower of Fantasy 2.3 Update: Release Time and Patch Notes

Get ready for the next level of adventure with the Tower of Fantasy 2.3 Update. Release time, patch notes, and new features in store.
Tower of Fantasy 2.3 Update: Release Time and Patch Notes

The highly anticipated Tower of Fantasy 2.3 update titled Wandering Amidst Miasma is right around the corner, and fans of the game can look forward to a host of new features and improvements that will take the game to the next level.

The 2.3 update is set to release tomorrow, and players can expect to experience a new level of immersion and excitement as they explore a fresh world of Tower of Fantasy. With that said, we provide you with a detailed overview of what's coming along with the Tower of Fantasy 2.3 update.

Tower of Fantasy 2.3 Release Date & Time in Different Regions

Tower of Fantasy 2.3 release time
Tower of Fantasy 2.3 release time

Tower of Fantasy 2.3 will release on Thursday, 2nd February. As always, the game servers will go offline for maintenance, which is scheduled for 06:00–09:00 (UTC+0). Depending on maintenance conditions, the server may be back online later or earlier than scheduled.

For other time zones, the Tower of Fantasy 2.3 release dates and times are:

  • Pacific Time (PT): Thursday, 2nd February, 1:00 AM
  • Central Time (CT): Thursday, 2nd February, 3:00 AM
  • GMT: Thursday, 2nd February, 9:00 AM
  • CET: Thursday, 2nd February, 10:00 AM
  • JST: Thursday, 2nd February, 6:00 PM
  • AEDT: Thursday, 2nd February, 8:00 PM

Tower of Fantasy developers advises players to log off 15 minutes before the maintenance commences and not make purchases 5 minutes before the server is down in order to avoid any possible issues with or losses of your in-game properties.

Tower of Fantasy 2.3 Patch Notes - Gameplay Updates

Tower of Fantasy 2.3 Gameplay Updates
Tower of Fantasy 2.3 Gameplay Updates

Chapter 9 Main Story: Explore the Secrets Hidden Within the Swamp

A distress signal has been received from the swamp's communication station. Enter the miasma with Lin and explore the secrets hidden within the swamp!

Miasmic Swamp Area Unlocked

Uncover the secrets of the swamp through exploration and receive generous rewards for your efforts!

New Team Instance: Origin of War

  • A brand new 4-player tower mode. Use the random buffs you obtain and work together with your team to complete the challenge!
  • First season period: 2023/2/2 5:00 ~ 2023/4/1 23:59 (Server Time) 

New Joint Operations: Carnival Party & Pursuit of Fate

  • Carnival Party: The band is holding a rhythm battle. Defeat the musicians to be rewarded with chests and golden quality equipment.
  • Pursuit of Fate: Drive your race car through the canyon, unlock mechanisms, and defeat the final boss for golden quality equipment.

Bygone Phantasm: Boundless Realm

Reach Lv. 500 in Bygone Phantasm to unlock the newly-released high difficulty levels. Challenge the bosses to rise higher and earn golden quality equipment and items.

Alyss's Simulacrum Mission

Accept Alyss's Simulacrum Mission on the Simulacra page to experience Alyss's story.

Other New Content:

  • Added the new exoskeleton equipment slot
  • Increased the level cap gradually to Lv. 90
  • Increased the buff level cap in Void Abyss to Lv.3

New Events

Tower of Fantasy 2.3 events revealed
Tower of Fantasy 2.3 events revealed

1. Half-Anniversary Gift I

  • Participate in the 7-Day Sign-In to obtain red nucleus ×10.

  • Event Time: (UTC+0) 2023/02/02 (after maintenance)–2023/03/01 21:00

2. Passion for Chocolate

  • Collect ingredients and make chocolate gifts for characters to obtain ardor. Accumulate the specified amount of ardor to claim red nuclei, gold nuclei, titles, avatar frames, and other rewards.

  • Event Time: (UTC+0) 2023/02/02 (after maintenance)–2023/02/17 21:00

3. Alyss Limited Cache

  • Event Time: (UTC+0) 2023/02/02 (after maintenance)–2023/02/22 21:00

4. Dance of Snow Limited Cache

  • Limited-time cache for Frigg and Saki Fuwa is now available.

  • Only during this event, participate in the Frigg or Saki Fuwa Weapon Special Order to obtain flame gold (Icefrost). Exchange flame gold (Icefrost) for Frigg's or Saki Fuwa's weapon.

  • Only during this event, participate in the Frigg or Saki Fuwa Matrix Special Order to obtain overclocking chips (Icefrost). Exchange overclocking chips (Icefrost) for Frigg's or Saki Fuwa's Matrix.

  • Event Time: (UTC+0) 2023/02/02 (after maintenance)–2023/02/13 21:00

5. 1st Purchase Rebate Reset

  • After this update, the 100% dark crystal bonus from your initial purchase of tanium will be reset!

  • Event Time: (UTC+0) 2023/02/02 (after maintenance)

6. Best Adventure Partner

  • During the event, use support sticks to vote for your favorite characters.

  • Once the event is over, a new simulacrum skin will be designed for the most popular character, and it will be given out for free!

  • Event Time: (UTC+0)2023/2/3 04:00~2023/2/17 04:00

7. Event Gift Pack Update

  • Half-Anniversary Cache Gift Pack I–IV
    • Event Time:(UTC+0) 2023/02/02 (after maintenance)–2023/02/25 21:00

  • Annabella's Haute Couture Permanent Availability in the Store
    • Event Time: (UTC+0) 2023/02/02 (after maintenance)

8. Half-Anniversary Party

  • Participate in the event to obtain a free Vehicle: Nova, red nuclei, an avatar, and other rewards.

  • Frost and Flame
    • Event Time: (UTC+0) 2023/02/09 03:00–2023/03/08 21:00

  • Fruit Barrage
    • Event Time: (UTC+0) 2023/02/16 03:00–2023/03/08 21:00

  • Heavyweight Boxing
    • Event Time: (UTC+0) 2023/02/23 03:00–2023/03/08 21:00

9. Lin Limited Cache Reissue

  • Event Time: (UTC+0) 2023/02/14 03:00–2023/02/25 21:00

10. Half-Anniversary Memory Time Capsule

  • Once the event has started, your data review will be available from the event. Share it to claim the Half-Anniversary Commemorative Title.

  • Event Time: (UTC+0) 2023/02/09 03:00–2023/03/08 21:00

11. Half-Anniversary Gift II

  • Participate in the 7-Day Sign-In to obtain dark crystals ×600 and an SSR weapon box ×1.

  • Event Time: (UTC+0) 2023/02/09 03:00–2023/03/08 21:00

Tower of Fantasy 2.3 Optimizations and Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the missing voiceover lines of some main story and Simulacra dialogue in Japanese, English, and Portuguese.
  • Fixed the issue of some main story voiceovers being cut off in Japanese, English, and Portuguese.
  • Fixed the text-overflow in Bygone Phantasm, Sequential Phantasm, Fishing, and other functions.
  • Fixed the abnormal code displayed in some Simulacrum buff descriptions.
  • Optimized the difficulties of some Overworld enemies and high-level enemies in certain gameplay.
  • Optimized the difficulty of the Bygone Phantasm and some enemies to increase survivability.
  • Adjusted the weapon balance in Apex League