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Valorant Agent 22: Gekko Release Date, Abilities, More

Riot has officially teased new Valorant Agent 22, and here is everything we know about them.
Valorant Agent 22: Gekko Release Date, Abilities, More

There are a total of 21 agents in Valorant right now, with Harbor being the latest addition to it, and Riot announced a few weeks ago that they will be expanding this list this year as well. Finally, Riot has officially announced that Agent 22 will be joining the game soon, and their teaser has also been shared. Here is what we know about Agent 22 in Valorant, including their release date, name, abilities, and more.

Valorant Agent 22 Name and Release Date

John Goscicki, the Valorant Character Producer, revealed that in 2023, they will be releasing three new agents, and Agent 22 will be making a debut "soon" and Riot later confirmed that they will release on March 7 along with the Valorant Episode 6 Act 2.

While we don't have anything revealed officially regarding the name of Agent 22, according to leaks, they will be called Gekko and will come with green hair and a bold new look.

Riot has released three teasers about Agent 22 and you can have a look at them below.

Teaser 3

Teaser 2

Teaser 1

Valorant Agent 22 Role and Abilities

As announced by Riot Games, the roles of three new agents coming in 2023 will be Initiator, Sentinel, and the third one has not been revealed yet. Out of these, Agent 22 will be an initiator, as per VALORANTLeaksEN.

In addition to this, while their abilities have not been revealed, John Goscicki gave us some hints about it by saying that the new Valorant will bring their own "eclectic way to deal with situations, check corners, get onto locations, plant the spike." This could be hinting towards some sort of teleport abilities and a new way of planting spike; however, this mechanics has not been explained yet. 

In addition to this, Agent 22 will not be aggressive, and they might also have some "friends" like Killjoy has a turret, as Goscicki stated that "a battlefield can be a super stressful place" and that "sometimes you just need some friends with you chilling with you as you lock down a path to the next site; you know, not everyone needs to be so aggressive."

We can also see two hands trying to grab the boba cup in the teaser image, but all of these are speculations, and we might have to wait until March 4 to have an official look at Agent 22 at VCT LOCK//IN Finals. The agent will also be showcased during the Showmatch scheduled for the same date.