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AverageJonas, caster and Sova Main, signs for Team Liquid

A whirlwind 12-months for the "gamer, singer, & streamer" has been capped with him finding a home at Team Liquid as a content creator.
AverageJonas, caster and Sova Main, signs for Team Liquid

Jonas "AverageJonas" Narvarsete, who rose to prominence within Valorant for his insane Sova dart lineups and led to him being on the broadcast talent of First Strike, the Riot produced event and the biggest tournament to date in the game looks to be building on his success in 2021 as it's been revealed he has signed to Team Liquid as a content creator.

The announcement on Team Liquid's Valorant Twitter was accompanied by a comical video that had Jonas employing all the tactics and tools of Sova has he entered Team Liquid's Alienware Training Facility in Utrecht. Netherlands.

Team Liquid AveragejONAS
AverageJonas scouted out Team Liquid's facility with Sova's Owl Drone. (Picture: Team Liquid)

It has been a remarkable nine or so months for Jonas, losing his job as an opera singer on a luxury cruise ship, he like so millions of players found great joy in Riot Game's Valorant given a full release in June.

Jonas grew as a streamer on Twitch, garnering a reputation for his ingenious Sova dart lineups and bringing a level of entertainment not often found in Valorant streamers a game, that like CS:GO, is not particularly streamer friendly.

His standing in the community and his lifetime of on-stage experience made him less a surprising choice that at first seemed to join the European broadcasting team for the first wholly Riot-produced Valorant tournament - First Strike. Though he could be forgiven for being surprised himself, as Jonas was asked by Riot to make his way to Berlin for the broadcast just 24 hours before it was set to begin.

AverageJonas First Strike
Jonas debut as on-screen talent was well-received. (Picture: Riot Games)

His talents as a singer were also not wasted as he serenaded the at-home audience with his own composition "Amazing Darts", of course, with a CGI Sova by his side.

As Valorant goes from strength to strength, and with a more complete esport calendar lined up for 2021, Jonas looks to have added a very fruitful string to his bow.