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BBG claims Ninja used clout to get them DQ'd from Knights Valorant tournament

Built By Gamers had beat Time In in the round of 16 of the Knights Before Christmas event, but have been removed from the tournament due to an "ongoing investigation."
BBG claims Ninja used clout to get them DQ'd from Knights Valorant tournament

Update: James O'Connor, President of Knights, has decided to reinstate BBG's spot in the Knights Before Christmas tournament following an investigation by Anti Cheat PD, an unofficial entity monitoring Valorant's pro scene.

Original story:

A bizarre situation has developed during the Valorant Knights Before Christmas tournament hosted by the Pittsburgh Knights, as Built By Gamers has been disqualified due to an "ongoing investigation" after members of Time In, Tyler "Ninja" Blevins' team, complained about a member of BBG cheating.

The player under the microscope was Tristan "Critical" Trinacty, who had a spectacular showing during the round of 16 match between BBG and Time In, with his team winning 2-0. He would end the set with a 312 ACS (Average Combat Score), 48 kills, and an average Damage per Round of 171.8, ending as top fragger in Map 2.

(Picture: Riot)

Rob "rob-wiz" Kennedy shared a Twitlonger expressing his disappointment, backing up Critical, revealing that Riot had already cleared him of cheating allegations three times prior to this incident, and since the company is on a break, no one from the team could review the clips.

"Apparently there was a request sent to Riot to review Vanguard info from our match but since Riot is all on Christmas break it cannot be reviewed and so we are removed from the tournament off of pure suspicion."

Rob would also add that having such a popular figure like Ninja being on the other side of the claims tipped the balance against BBG in this particular dispute.

"The evidence is just not enough. I have to think the fact that Ninja has such a big following is a factor in this, but who knows."

According to BBG, one of the clips being used as evidence for Critical cheating involves him using Sova's ult, Hunter's Fury, almost perfectly tracking the position of two opponents. 

However, many people claim his arrows were covering very common angles for site-holders to be positioned in.

One more clip sees Critical's crosshair flicking straight into an opponent as he was trying to save his Vandal for the next round.

Sentinels' Jared “zombs” Gitlin shared his support towards BBG and Critical, calling the clip not "sus."

"LMAO unlucky, clip isnt even sus when he flicks to the right his crosshair lands no where near the enemy then just adjusts for the right push. no one would be dumb enough to hit an aim key anyways in a 1v4 save..."

Due to this DQ, Time In will now play Gen.G in the quarter-finals of the Knights Before Christmas Tournament. The match is set to start on 20th December at 1:00 pm ET/ 6:00 pm GMT.

It seems Riot Games won't be taking matters into their own hands this time around, we'll keep you updated as the story develops.