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Best Valorant Stat Trackers 2023

Improve your Valorant skills and track your progress with our guide on the best stat trackers.
Best Valorant Stat Trackers 2023

Valorant is one of the most popular competitive shooters on the market right now, which makes keeping track of your stats a vital part of improving your skills. This is where stat trackers come into play, as they allow you to capture varied and useful types of gameplay statistics to be reviewed after each match.

For those interested in getting started with stat trackers, or those wanting an alternative to their current stat tracking set-up, then this guide is for you. Below we will be listing some of the best Valorant stat trackers that you can try out and begin upping your performance in the game using accurate and useful data.

Best Valorant stat trackers

Best Valorant stat trackers June 2022 work your way up the leader boards by using stat trackers
Using stat trackers, you can improve upon your skills and work your way up the Valorant leader boards.

While Valorant does have some data that you can view when playing, the data is fairly limited, so only certain types of data can be viewed. With trackers, however, players can see far more details about their gameplay overall and track more types of data.

You can track things such as your K/D ratio, Most used agent, win/loss rate, headshot percentage, and many more data points. Which is then used to measure your gameplay history, and gauge how well you are progressing and which aspects still need improvement.

Below are 5 of the best stat trackers to use in Valorant as of now.


Best Valorant stat trackers June 2022 tracker.gg
Tracker.gg is the best tracker for Valorant thanks to its wide array of features and ease of use. (Picture: Tracker.gg)

Tracker.gg comes on top for its ease of use and multiple features that it offers Valorant players. From overlapping real-time data onto your screen as you play, or to your stream when you're going live, it offers tons of versatility to players.

There is also an app for iOS and Android that gives you data, leaderboards, and more information on Valorant that you can check at any time. Both programs on your PC and phone require you to sign in with your Riot ID and you'll be set to improve your play at any level you're currently at.

Visit Tracker.gg


Best Valorant stat trackers June 2022 Blitz.gg
Blitz.gg comes in second with its many useful stat tracking features and easy to set up configuration. (Picture: Blitz.gg)

Between this and Tracker.gg, Blitz.gg is definitely a contender for one of the best trackers available today. With its built-in guides for helping you get to the top and its ease of use, the app is on par with Tracker. gg for good reason.

To use the app, simply sign in to your Valorant account while Blitz is open, and you'll automatically be signed into Blitz. From there, take a tour through the dashboard that tracks your stats, displays previous match data, and gives you the updates on the most popular agents, best team configurations and so much more.

Visit Blitz.gg

Valorant Tracker by Overwolf

Best Valorant stat trackers June 2022 overwolf
Overwolf's tracker is useful and offers many features, with a simple sign up process. (Picture: Overwolf.com)

This is a great assistant for Valorant tracking as it provides you with an in-depth analysis of your own play, along with your teammate's and opponents' play. You can also track your lifetime stats, accuracy, weapon stats, and top agents among many other stats.

It also comes with a guide for how to play the game and is easy and quick to log into and start tracking your play.

Visit Valorant tracker by Overwolf


Best Valorant stat trackers June 2022 Valorant.xyz
Valorant.xyz is a more single player focus version of the previous trackers and still offers in depth features with an easy to use interface. (Picture: Valorant.xyz)

ValorantStats.xyz gives you the basics of stat tracking in Valorant, but emphasizes single-play improvement. It will tell you specifically what you need to improve upon and help you improve by generating insights after each map you play.

You can still track the basic stats such as your performance on specific maps with certain agents, weapons, and team compositions. But you can take yourself further by improving on your weaknesses based on the insights you receive.

Visit Valorantstats.xyz


Best Valorant stat trackers June 2022 Dak.gg
Dak.gg is a more simplified tracker that can be useful if you aren't interested in too many features. (Picture: Dak.gg)

Though it doesn't provide as in-depth statistics as other trackers, Dak.gg does provide you with some useful information if you want something more simplistic. Once you sign in and create your account, it becomes public and you can begin tracking how well your recent matches have gone.

Visit Dak.gg