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Cloud9's TenZ reveals incredible ranked progess on alt Valorant account

The Valorant pro C9 TenZ managed to reach Radiant in just two days on his alt account.
Cloud9's TenZ reveals incredible ranked progess on alt Valorant account

Grinding to climb the top rank of any game can be a torturous task. You have to have the talent to do it, the temperament, and the time.

In a team game, such as Valorant, it can help to have four equally skilled buddies to queue with, because if you climb the ranks solo queue who knows who you could be matched with?

Or at least that's the factors that might affect us mere mortals, but there is another group of players that sit above us, if not physically, then at least in their ability to climb the ranks. We are of course talking about the professionals, those that earn their living by thinking faster, moving quicker, and clicking heads.

One such player is Cloud9's Tyson "TenZ" Ngo, the centrepiece of their North American roster and one of the best Valorant players in the region. Now get this, TenZ took to Twitter recently to reveal that he had created an alt account on Valorant, and in just two days had reached the top rank - Radiant.

Tenz rank valorant cloud9 alt account radiant

TWO DAYS?!? And it gets crazier... Not only did he do it in two days, but he also did it in just 16 games, with a win rate of 93.75%. He finished as MVP in 75% of those games!

Oh, and he did it solo queueing.

The nineteen-year-old took to Twitter to show off his accomplishment with a few screenshots showing the 16 game account history.

Tenz alternate account rank cloud9 valorantTenZ used his trusty Jett for much of his climb to Radiant. (Picture: TenZ)

From the screenshots, we are also able to gleam so more info, mainly that he lost just one game, his fourth when he was still unrated, we also learn that he used at least three agents on his way to the top. They were Reyna (3), Jett (11) and Sage (1). 

Now it is hard to know if this is a record or not, but certainly, in my time covering Valorant I have yet to hear of a player climbing the ranks so quickly and it is really no surprise, the recently introduced leaderboards have TenZ top of North America, and back in May it was reported that TenZ had become the first player in North America to reach Radiant.

So don't be too hard on yourself if you are struggling to get out of Gold I, just don't blame your teammates.