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Is Valorant Down: When Will Valorant Servers Be Back Up?

Are Valorant servers are down right now? Check its server status here and details about when they will be back online.
Is Valorant Down: When Will Valorant Servers Be Back Up?

Does it ever happen that when you launch Valorant, you fail to connect to the game servers, or the game is not launching? This might be due to when the Valorant servers are taken down for maintenance service, or there might be some issue with the servers. Though it is pretty rare for players to face this issue while playing the game, it can sometimes be frustrating.

Usually, the Valorant servers are taken down for maintenance during a new update, and the game's developers inform the players of the maintenance time. And sometimes, the servers go down due to technical issues as well; during this period, there are a few sources where you can head to check if it's an issue from the game servers or your internet issue. 

 Here is how you can know if the Valorant servers are down and the server downtime and uptime:

Valorant Servers Downtime

Official Valorant Server Downtime.
Official Valorant Server Downtime. (Picture: Riot Games)

As of now, Valorant servers are working fine, and the next scheduled maintenance will take place for patch 6.04 on March 7. Thus, If you are unable to enter the game, the problem is on your side. To fix it, you should check if your internet connection is working fine or not. In addition to this, make sure that your game is updated to its latest version and that the graphics drivers are up to date. If none of the above fixes work, try reinstalling the game.

How to Check Valorant Server Status?

The official valorant server status website.
The official valorant server status website. (Picture: Riot Games)

If you are not sure whether the Valorant servers are down or your internet is acting dodgy, then you can follow these simple steps to check the server status:

  • Head to the official Valorant server status page.

  • If there is any issue in the server, it will be mentioned there, along with an estimated time to fix it.

  • The other trusted source for this issue will be the official Valorant Twitter, where they keep updating their player base with all the new updates for the game.

  • Another nice feature about the Riot Games launcher is that they have an announcement tab where you can hover over it, letting you know if there are any issues with the particular game.

Here are all the details on how to check the details of the Valorant Servers going down. Also, suppose you find any difficulties from the server side and cannot find any server outage reports from the above-given steps. In that case, it is always helpful to submit a ticket to Riot Games customer support will all the details about the issue with your server region; this will allow the developers to fix it faster.