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DRX Stax: "I Speak For All Valorant Players When I Say I Want Ascent to Be Removed"

He is spitting facts!
DRX Stax: "I Speak For All Valorant Players When I Say I Want Ascent to Be Removed"
Picture: Riot Games

VCT Pacific League Split 1 is in full swing and DRX had a perfect start to their run as they beat Global Esports by 2-0. Both the maps, i.e., Ascent and Lotus, were won by them with a massive lead and BeYN had a perfect debut in Tier 1.

After the win, I got a chance to talk to Stax and interview him and one of the topics that I touched upon was about the current map pool of the game. I asked him which map he would like to remove from the current map pool and which map he thinks should replace it. 

Stax didn't have to even think before answering "I can confidently say that I speak for all Valorant players when I say this. I want Ascent to be removed."

Talking about the map that should be replacing Ascent, Stax said, "I'm not sure which one is better, but Fracture or Pearl, I miss those two maps."

Riot received criticism when they removed a dynamic map like Haven from the map pool while a majority of pro players and fans were demanding to take Ascent out because of it not offering many variations in terms of strategies or agent compositions and even today, we see almost the same compositions every time the map is played in VCT. 

Ascent is the only map that hasn't received a rework in Valorant and we can expect it to be out of the map pool in the next rotation.